Is Ocelot Pariah still relevant in GTA Online in 2024?

    Is Ocelot Pariah still relevant in GTA Online in 2024?

    GTA Online has tons of vehicles that can go extremely fast or drift around the corners gracefully. With Rockstar Games introducing new vehicles with almost every new update, it can be a little hard for players to keep track of all the good ones in the game. Well, now that the Ocelot Pariah is more than six years old, several fans are wondering if the vehicle is still worth purchasing.

    This is a genuine question because the developers will add new vehicles to the online multiplayer in 2024. So, it only makes sense to research an old car before spending on it. The studio also tweaks the performance of some of these vehicles, which can go either way.

    This article will shed more light on Ocelot Pariah and let the players know if it is still a worthy investment in 2024.

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    Note: Some parts of the article are subjective and solely reflect the writer’s opinion.

    Ocelot Pariah is still a relevant car in GTA Online

    The Ocelot Pariah is a Sports car that was introduced in the game with The Doomsday Heist update back in 2017. It quickly became one of the fastest cars in GTA Online. While it has fallen down the pecking order, its top speed of 136.00 mph (218.87 km/h) is no joke.

    Paired with excellent traction and acceleration, the Ocelot Pariah is still a great choice for participating in races in the online multiplayer. It has a rating of 83.22 in speed, 80.25 in acceleration, 33.33 in braking, and 79.55 in acceleration. These are excellent stats for a car this old.

    Now, speed is not the only thing going on for this car. The Ocelot Pariah has great looks as it is based on the real-life Aston Martin V12 Zagato and Ferrari 812 Superfast. The sleek long hood with double air vents on the top gives it a stylish look.

    This two-seater six-gear Sports car only comes at $1,420,000, which is not too much for a vehicle that delivers so much power and acceleration. The only downside of this car is that it struggles at the corners. So, you will have to adjust your techniques accordingly to avoid spinning and losing control of the vehicle.

    Apart from this, the Ocelot Pariah is still quite relevant as it has the speed and performance that rivals almost every other car in GTA Online. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the HSW Performance Mod that boosts the top speed of the vehicles. Apart from that, anyone who wants to have a decently-priced fast car in the game can go for Pariah.

    Players should also start participating in the GTA Online New Year’s Event to unlock all the cool rewards that Rockstar Games is offering.

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