Google Pixel 8 Pro: 6 AI-powered features in Google Pixel 8 Pro

    Google Pixel 8 Pro: 6 AI-powered features in Google Pixel 8 Pro

    Google launched its most refined Pixel smartphones – Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 – this year. With the phones, especially the pricier Pixel 8 Pro, the company went all in with maximising the use of AI and machine learning features via a smartphone. Apart from being a pocket-sized AI powerhouse, it is also packed with excellent features that elevate the photography game to a whole new level.

    The Google Pixel 8 Pro is powered by the Google Tensor G3 chipset that takes all the load of advanced AI and ML capabilities. You can also read the review of the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Here are the top six AI-powered features that set the Pixel 8 Pro apart:

    Magic Editor
    This superpowered version of Magic Eraser allows users to move objects around, change the colour of the sky and sea, add clouds and even apply fancy stylised effects to enhance a photo without the need of advanced tools like Photoshop.

    Magic Audio Eraser
    This feature identifies background noise in videos, allowing users to remove unwanted sounds with a swipe. It’s a handy tool for those situations where the wind obscures voice during commentary.

    Best Take
    This feature changes a subject’s face in a group photo by selecting an option made available from expressions generated from other images.

    Recorder with Summarise
    The Recorder app, exclusive to Pixel phones, offers one of the best recording and transcription experiences among any voice recorder app on the Google Play Store. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro use the Tensor G3 to AI-generated summaries of recordings in brief bullet points.

    Video Boost
    When users record a video, the phone stores it as a temporary video file. Video Boost uses this file to make a boosted video. Users can save a video to the cloud and Google will use AI tools to enhance the video by means of colour corrections, contrast, brightness, etc and saves it back to the users’ phones.

    Smart Reply in Gboard
    The Pixel 8 Pro is starting to get Gemini Nano LLM that powers Smart Reply in Gboard as a developer preview. The on-device AI model saves you time by suggesting high-quality responses with conversational awareness.

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