Galaxy S24 Ultra may support 4K video at 120fps, leaks claim

    Galaxy S24 Ultra may support 4K video at 120fps, leaks claim

    Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 series is barely two weeks away from launch at this point, and more and more details continue to leak out. To ring in the new year, a couple of new leaks include an impressive new option for video, as well as some pre-order perks for the Galaxy S24 series.

    Video is an area Samsung has been working to improve on its flagships for quite a while now, and the current Galaxy S23 Ultra is no slouch. However, one barrier the company has yet to cross is 4K recording at 120 frames per second. On the S23 Ultra, it’s technically possible for the sensor itself, but it’s not supported through the software, with 4K recording maxing out at 60fps.

    According to leaker Ice Universe on Twitter/X, that might change on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, with 4K video recording at 120fps. The mode is currently in testing, apparently, but it’s still not guaranteed to be available on the final release. It would indeed be an impressive offering, but not a first. The feature is already offered by some other brands, including in the OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro (but not the OnePlus 11 or OnePlus Open).

    Past leaks have also revealed that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will ditch its 10x telephoto lens for a 5x lens.

    Meanwhile, a post on Naver also reveals potential pre-order perks of the Galaxy S24 series. Apparently, users will be offered discounts on either a Galaxy Watch or on the recently-launched Galaxy Buds FE. Further, Samsung would offer doubled storage at no additional charge, something the company has offered through the past few foldable releases as well. It’s unclear if any other perks would be available, but Samsung has also historically offered boosted trade-in credits during pre-order periods.

    The Galaxy S24 series is expected to launch on January 17.

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