7 Natural Sugar Alternatives To Eat Healthier In 2024

    7 Natural Sugar Alternatives To Eat Healthier In 2024

    By Bhavana Verma Updated: Jan 01, 2024

    For many, the New Year means new resolutions, some of which are finding the best alternatives to less healthy foods like refined oil, processed meat and packaged food. For those wanting to cut down on sugar in 2024, check out this list of the best natural alternatives that will make the sweet experience even better.

    As 2024 is here, many have embarked on their journey towards a New Year’s Resolution. One of the most common choices is of course ‘being healthier’, and that can mean different things to different people. Some might be hyped about practising Yoga, starting a Gym membership or picking up a regular diet ritual. While these habits are always good to adapt, several still fail to maintain their daily streak. Naturally, it’s not always easy to keep pushing when the work-life balance remains more demanding and doing everything at once must be difficult.

    In order to have a good diet, many choose instead to make smaller changes like opting for healthy versions of regular ingredients. This conscious choice not only revamps meals but also fundamentally alters the approach to nourishment.

    Modern lifestyles have certainly changed the way we eat and the way food is processed. For this reason, it has become a quest for many to find more natural alternatives to processed products like refined oil, processed meats and refined white sugar. Refined oil can easily be replaced with cold-pressed oils and processed meat replaced with organic meats but the real challenge is to find the best alternative to sugar which will add to the flavour of your dishes without detracting from the nutrient profile.

    For this reason, here is a compiled list of all the natural alternatives of refined white sugar to help one cut down on sugar this year and lead a healthy life.

    Honey is among the first things that comes to mind when finding a replacement for sugar. Honey does so much more than just bringing sweetness to the dishes. It is very popular among fitness enthusiasts because of its distinct flavour and the health benefits it can provide over sugar. The characteristic of honey can make desserts, smoothies and sweets even more delightful than ever.

    Jaggery Powder is the powdered form of traditional jaggery that is easier to handle than the big chunks of jaggery. The powder, while having the qualities of jaggery, can bring ease to the application due to its powdered form and will be easier to measure while using. Jaggery is so beloved in India that many iconic sweets have Jaggery in their base. Many opt for jaggery powder because of the potential health benefits it can offer over refined sugar.

    Desi Khand is Pure Unrefined Sugar that is made when the sugar is taken out of the sugar cane and still has lots of molasses content. Desi Khand, as opposed to commercial sugar, is less processed and preserves more of the natural nutrients contained in sugarcane. The use of desi khand in Indian culinary practices has sustained for several centuries and shows the greatness of India’s culinary heritage. This sugar brings a slight depth and earthy flavour to every sweet dish and enhances the flavour even more.

    Coconut palm sugar, made from the sap of coconut palms, is a natural substitute for refined sugar. Because of the limited processing, it has a reduced glycemic index and maintains certain nutrients. Because of its caramel-like flavour, it is a popular choice for those looking for a less refined sweetener with a dash of distinct flavour in a variety of dishes.

    Maple syrup is a natural sweetener with flavour that is not refined like sugar. It contains nutrients and antioxidants and is a less processed option. It is still a sweetener. Its distinct flavour gives it a unique character. This makes it a good choice for people looking for natural alternatives or wanting to broaden their sweetening options.

    Stevia has a sweet taste but no calories, making it a popular natural replacement. Stevia is a plant. It provides sweetness without raising blood sugar levels. Stevia is a popular sugar substitute. It’s natural and has zero calories. It’s great for individuals trying to reduce sugar intake without compromising sweetness.

    Dates contain the maximum amount of natural glucose and fructose which makes them an excellent source of energy. Using them as sweeteners for dessert can be the best thing to add an extra touch of nutty and earthiness to the desserts while making them extra sweet and delightful. The best part about date sugar is it can be easily made at home.

    This new year, say cheers to good health by trying these best alternatives to sugar. With their seemingly better characteristics, natural properties and deep flavours, these alternatives will help one stay on track of their fitness journey while making it more flavoursome and sweet.

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