Winners Of The 2023 SBS Drama Awards

    Winners Of The 2023 SBS Drama Awards

    SBS has celebrated the top dramas and actors of 2023!

    On December 29, the 2023 SBS Drama Awards took place to honor the network’s dramas from the past year.

    This year’s Daesang (Grand Prize) went to two winners—Lee Je Hoon for his performance in “Taxi Driver 2” and Kim Tae Ri for her performance in “Revenant.”

    Check out the full list of winners:

    Daesang (Grand Prize): Lee Je Hoon (“Taxi Driver 2”), Kim Tae Ri (“Revenant”)

    Top Excellence Award (Multi-Season Series): Ahn Hyo Seop (“Dr. Romantic 3”), Lee Sung Kyung (“Dr. Romantic 3”)

    Top Excellence Award (Romance or Rom-Com Miniseries): Song Kang (“My Demon”), Kim Yoo Jung (“My Demon”)

    Top Excellence Award (Specialized Genre or Action Miniseries): Park Sung Woong (“The Killing Vote”), Moon Chae Won (“Payback”)

    Netizen’s Best 2023 SBS Drama: “Taxi Driver 2”

    Excellence Award (Multi-Season Series): Shin Jae Ha (“Taxi Driver 2”), Pyo Ye Jin (“Taxi Driver 2”)

    Excellence Award (Romance or Rom-Com Miniseries): Ryeoun (“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”), Shin Ye Eun (“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”)

    Excellence Award (Specialized Genre or Action Miniseries): Lee Joon (“The Escape of the Seven”), Hong Kyung (“Payback”), Lee Yoo Bi (“The Escape of the Seven”)

    Best Couple: Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang (“My Demon”)

    Best Performance Award: Jin Sun Kyu (“Revenant”)

    Best Teamwork Award: “Dr. Romantic 3”

    Best Supporting Actor (Multi-Season Series): Bae Yoo Ram (“Taxi Driver 2”), Jang Hyuk Jin (“Taxi Driver 2”), Son Ji Yoon (“The First Responders 2”)

    Best Supporting Actor (Romance or Rom-Com Miniseries): Jung Soon Won (“My Demon,” “Trolley”), Seo Jung Yeon (“My Demon,” “Trolley”)

    Best Supporting Actor (Specialized Genre or Action Miniseries): Kim Won Hae (“Revenant”)

    Scene Stealer Award: Go Sang Ho (“Taxi Driver 2,” “Dr. Romantic 3”), Byun Joong Hee (“Taxi Driver 2,” “Dr. Romantic 3”)

    Best Child Actor: Choi Hyun Jin (“The Killing Vote”), Han Ji An (“Dr. Romantic 3”), Park So Yi (“Revenant”), Ahn Chae Heum (“Taxi Driver 2”)

    Best New Actor: Kang You Seok (“Payback”), Kwon Ah Reum (“The Killing Vote”), Kim Do Hoon (“The Escape of the Seven”), Yang Hye Ji (“Revenant”), Lee Shin Young (“Dr. Romantic 3”), Lee Hong Nae (“Dr. Romantic 3”), Jung Soo Bin (“Trolley”)

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Watch “Taxi Driver 2” below:

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    Also watch “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” below:

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    Photo Credit: SBS

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