Raveena, Nixen, Maya In Danger Zone; Who Will Get Eliminated?

    Raveena, Nixen, Maya In Danger Zone; Who Will Get Eliminated?

    Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Voting Result: ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’, hosted by Kamal Haasan, has kept the viewers hooked to the screens with the drama going on inside the house. The contestants have upped their game to win the show and survive inside the house as long as possible. In the previous week, Saravana Vickram was eliminated from the house and his eviction has turned the competition more fierce. Seven contestants are currently in the danger zone this week and as per reports, there is a chance of double eviction.

    Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Voting Result:

    Dinesh, Manichandra, Maya, Nixen, Raveena, Vijay, and Vishnu are nominated in Week 13 of ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’. According to several viewers of the show, Nixen and Maya have more chances of getting eliminated. The viewers will have to wait till the weekend to find out who will say goodbye to the house.

    ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7’ was earlier in the news after the contestant Vichitra talked about her experience of facing the casting couch.

    She said, “I could still remember the noise. I was disheartened and was thinking how to deal with this. I used to tell the hotel guys not to connect calls to my hotel. My now-husband, who was not even my friend back then, asked me if I was dealing with something and if he could help. I told him to change my room. He and his team managed to change my room everyday without letting the team know. I don’t how they managed and they tried to help me. The men used to go bang on other doors thinking I was there. One day, the men lost their patience and wanted to teach me a lesson.”

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    Suresh, Ananya, Jovika, Akshaya, Bravo, Bala, Aishu, Annabharathi, Pradeep, Vinusha, Yugendran, Vijay and Bava were eliminated in the previous weeks. Archana, Dinesh, Manichandra, Maya, Nixen, Poornima, Raveena, Vichitra and Vishnu are currently in the house.

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