Mumbai man claims HDFC agents harassed him over relative’s debt. Bank responds | Trending

    Mumbai man claims HDFC agents harassed him over relative’s debt. Bank responds | Trending

    A man from Mumbai took to X to share details about the distress caused by loan recovery agents of a bank over a loan taken by a relative. Yash Mehta claims to have received threatening calls after a relative failed to pay HDFC Bank EMI. He further alleged that the agent, who identified herself as Neha, not only harassed him but also verbally abused his father and grandfather in separate calls. HDFC Bank took cognisance of the matter and shared that they are investigating the matter.

    HDFC Bank took cognisance of the matter and shared that they are investigating it.(PTI)

    “Someone took the EMI, and to recover the loan, HDFC Bank is calling the relatives of the person, and I am one of them,” wrote Yash Mehta on X.

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    In the next few lines, he added that the loan recovery agent has all the information about his whereabouts. “The agent gave me a threat that she will call my dad and grandfather who are in no way related to the person who took EMI. The person has all the details of my location where I work and all. Who has given the HDFC Bank the right to breach my privacy when I am not even related to the person?”

    He tagged HDFC bank and wrote, “Kindly please take a look into it, and I am filing a complaint with RBI along with the recording of how that person spoke to me and my father, who are in no way related to that person. The person who is calling has identified herself as Neha, which is a fake name.”

    Yash Mehta also attached a screenshot of the call logs with his tweet.

    Take a look at the tweet here:

    After the tweet went viral, HDFC Bank apologised to the customer and assured a speedy investigation. The company wrote, “Hi Yash, we are sorry about the experience that you have had with us. We have subsequently spoken to you and noted your feedback and are investigating the matter on priority. Please allow us some time to come back on this with a resolution.”

    In the comments section of the post, Mehta shared that the loan amount was 3,500. He also shared that the bank has promised to resolve the issue by January 16, 2024.

    The tweet, since being shared on December 24, has gone viral with over 1.2 million views. Additionally, many retweeted the post and shared their thoughts in the comments section.

    Here’s how X users reacted to the tweet:

    “Omg. Scary. What exactly are they saying to you? Did you say you are not related to that person?” posted an individual. To this, Mehta replied, “They have been abused very badly, too. She was the lady and she has contacts that I have and called my father and grandfather with the same language.”

    Another commented, “Isn’t this supposed to be a punishable offence and shouldn’t the banking ombudsman be contacted for this? Ideally, this should come with a financial compensation as well.”

    “This is really disappointing and concerning too. I am an old HDFC Bank customer, but such incidents make me wary whether we should trust such organisations at all!” expressed a third.

    A fourth wrote, “When I got a similar call for a neighbour who had taken a loan. All I did was record the call. He was threatening my family. Next I called up the loan department and spoke to the lawyer and told them I’m filing a case against them. Never got that call again.”

    “Had a similar issue with ICICI bank long back. I emailed them with all the details. I got a call from some management team, and then those calls finally stopped,” shared a fifth.

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