JN. 1 Covid Variant Surge: How to stay safe and prevent infections – Top health tips certified by experts – Covid-19 News

    JN. 1 Covid Variant Surge: How to stay safe and prevent infections – Top health tips certified by experts – Covid-19 News

    The new sub-variant of coronavirus has been rapidly spreading across India. On Wednesday, the first case of JN. 1 variant of COVID-19 was reported in the National Capital.

    The officials have said that there is no need to panic or to be worried despite the rising number of COVID-19 infection cases.

    This sub-variant, JN. 1, of coronavirus was declared as a ‘variant of interest’ by the World Health Organisation due to its high infection rate. While the officials say there is no need to worry, the health experts suggest preventive and precautionary strategies used earlier to stay clear of the infection.

    The Director & HOD of Pulmonology at Fortis Escorts Hospital in Faridabad, Dr Ravi Shekhar Jha pointed out that the same strategies that were used earlier during and after the pandemic are still to be used.

    Preventive and Precautionary Measures

    Dr Ravi Shekhar says that they recommend several key tips for COVID-19 prevention. A few of them are listed below.

    1. Vaccination: Ensure you receive vaccinations and keep up with booster shots as per recommendations. Vaccination significantly decreases the likelihood of severe illness.

    2. Masking: In crowded or indoor environments, especially when local transmission rates are high, it’s advisable to wear masks. Masks are effective in preventing the transmission of respiratory droplets.

    3. Hand Hygiene: Regularly cleanse your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or utilize hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol to eliminate viruses.

    4. Social Distancing: Practice social distancing from others, particularly in public areas where maintaining distance can be difficult.

    5. Ventilation: Enhance indoor ventilation by opening windows or employing air purifiers to promote better air circulation.

    6. Stay Informed and Follow Guidelines: Stay informed through credible sources of information and adhere to the guidelines provided by health authorities and local governments.

    7. Isolation and Testing: If experiencing illness, particularly with symptoms associated with COVID-19, undergo testing and self-isolate to minimize the risk of transmitting the infection to others.

    8. Boost Immunity: Sustain a healthy lifestyle by prioritizing balanced nutrition, regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and stress management to bolster your immune system.

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