GTA Online Chop Shop Update becomes the most-watched YouTube trailer for the game

    GTA Online Chop Shop Update becomes the most-watched YouTube trailer for the game

    GTA Online Chop Shop update trailer was released on December 12, 2023, and it has already become the most viewed DLC trailer for the popular multiplayer game. The 30-second long video has garnered over 19 million views since its release, breaking records set by all previous DLC trailers for the game, including Los Santos Drug Wars, San Andreas Mercenaries, and more.

    Fans are calling it the GTA 6 effect, and the next title of the series has generated a buzz all over the world with its trailer.

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    GTA Online Chop Shop update gains 19+ million views in just 2+ weeks

    The trailer mentioned above for the GTA Online Chop Shop update gained 19+ million views in just 17+ days, an outstanding achievement for the game and its developer, Rockstar Games. The video could surpass 24+ million views of the Red Dead Redemption 2 reveal trailer in 2024.

    Famous YouTuber TGG called it “The GTA 6 effect,” as the trailer for the upcoming title in the series was released before the Chop Shop DLC trailer. Many other fans also reacted to the Rockstar Games‘ latest success and hype surrounding the series after all these years:

    The Chop Shop update added new content: Property, vehicles, and more

    The Grand Theft Auto Online Chop Shop update is considered one of the best DLC updates for the game in a long time. Not only did it add a brand-new business that is fun to run, but it also added many vehicles from the get-go.

    Here’s everything new released with the update so far:

    New Game Modes/Events:

    • Tow Truck Service
    • Drift Races
    • Media Sticks

    New Salvage Yard Robberies:

    • The Duggan Robbery
    • The Gangbanger Robbery
    • The Cargo Ship Robbery
    • The Podium Robbery
    • The McTony Robbery

    New Properties:

    • Salvage Yard
    • The Vinewood Club Garage

    New Vehicles:

    • Vapid Unmarked Cruiser
    • Vapid Stanier LE Cruiser
    • Brute Police Riot
    • Vapid Dominator GT
    • Vapid Aleutian
    • Karin Vivanite
    • Fathom FR36
    • Declasse Impaler LX
    • Declasse Vigero ZX Convertible
    • Karin Asterope GZ
    • Grotti Turismo Omaggio
    • Brute Boxville (LSDS)
    • Bravado Dorado

    New characters:

    • Salvage Yard Staff
    • Jamal’s pilot
    • Yusuf Amir
    • Jamal Amir
    • La’oub Princess Captain
    • Ahron Ward
    • King Tiny
    • Yeti

    The DLC also added a lot of holiday-themed content with the recent Grand Theft Auto Online Christmas Event 2023.

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