Galaxy S24 prices surface, satellite support not coming

    Galaxy S24 prices surface, satellite support not coming

    Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 series is set to be announced in a few weeks, and as the event approaches, leaks are detailing the price of Samsung’s new lineup as well as the potential removal of satellite connectivity.

    Two separate price leaks of the Galaxy S24 series have surfaced this week, both suggesting that Samsung will raise the price of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    GalaxyClub reports that the Ultra will cost €1,449 in Europe for its base, 256GB model. That’s up from the €1,399 price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Roland Quandt of WinFuture adds that pricing in Sweden for the Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at 17,990 SEK, with the 512GB model coming in at 19,490 SEK. While Samsung’s website doesn’t list the 256GB price in Sweden currently, the 512GB model is priced at 18,990 SEK, slightly less than the incoming Galaxy S24 Ultra.

    So, by all accounts, it certainly appears that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will see a higher price. Whether that translates to the US remains to be seen, though. Galaxy S23 Ultra starts at $1,199, and based on these prices out of Europe, $1,249 seems like a reasonable expectation.

    Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports on the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ prices.

    Quandt says that Galaxy S24 will start at 11,490 SEK in Sweden, the same price as the current S23. Galaxy S24+ would start at 14,490 SEK, also unchanged from the prior model. But GalaxyClub claims that, in the rest of Europe, the two lesser models could actually see lower prices compared to last year. Galaxy S24 would start at €899, down from €949. The S24+ apparently lands at €1,149, down from €1,199.

    Part of the Ultra’s price increase, GalaxyClub speculates, could be because of more RAM with the base model now including 12GB rather than 8GB.

    Meanwhile, ETNews reports that Samsung is in the midst of network testing in Korea and that the Galaxy S24 series apparently will not include satellite connectivity yet again. Satellite support has become a topic of discussion since Apple added the feature to its iPhone 14 series in 2022, but Samsung has surprisingly skipped over it thus far. With the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung said that it is waiting on the tech to be “ready,” but at this point, it’s unclear what the company is waiting on, especially now that its own cellular modems for Exynos chipsets support the tech (and Exynos is expected to be used in some capacity on the Galaxy S24 series).

    In the larger Android landscape, Qualcomm recently pulled the plug on its efforts for satellite connectivity, and things have been pretty quiet in terms of new efforts for the technology.

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