BGMI guide: Check how you can improve gameplay on the battlefield and claim chicken dinner smartly

    BGMI guide: Check how you can improve gameplay on the battlefield and claim chicken dinner smartly

    BGMI guide: Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has a unique concept of warzone which attracts players towards the game. While the enemies have to battle 100 other players in the game, few sharp-minded players are left to fight in the end. Here you have to show your smart moves, gameplay, skills, and everything you have got so, you can claim the chicken dinner by defeating the enemy team. It may sound easy but these are the most crucial times when one small move can be troublesome for you and even get you killed in the game. To avoid such a situation taking place, you must learn how you can strategically on the battlefield and have a higher edge in the game to secure chicken dinner. Check this BGMI guide on how players can improve their gameplay and win the game smartly.

    BGMI guide to improve gameplay and claim the battlefield

    • The very first thing a place should master is to understand the map and its zone changes thoroughly. It strengthens one ability to predict how the zone will get smaller and where will the zone land. Additionally, keep an eye on the zone timer to move forward on the battlefield.
    • Utilize your collected supplies smartly, and know when to use the smoke bomb or drop bombs to protect yourself or to scare the enemies. Keep your health intact so you can survive a few shots of the gun in an intense battle. Lastly, use attachments for your weapon to make it more powerful and steady.

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    • The most important this in BGMI is to stay aware of your surroundings. Make sure to hear gunshots near you or if a vehicle has passed your location. There might be instances when you will be surrounded by enemies, in such situations, analyze their location through their footsteps to plan your next move.
    • Note that teamwork and communication are the most crucial part of the game which not all squad members can master. Therefore, build a bond through which you can communicate effectively and build a strategy to work together. Doing so will enable your squad to easily dominate the battlefield.
    • Lastly, improving your gameplay requires a huge amount of practice and dedication. One must practice playing the game in each situation so they know how to act and move forward to win chicken dinner.

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    Follow the above highlighted BGMI guide to improve your gameplay and master the battles smartly with your squad. Integrating these tips into your game will drastically improve your skills and the way you plan and act on your moves. Note that as we are entering the new year in a few days, the game might introduce new events and rewards along the way to keep the new year’s excitement high in the game.

    Also, get freebies by redeeming BGMI redeem codes. All you have to do is go to the official BGMI website, enter your character ID, paste the redemption code and claim the in-game rewards.

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