5 reasons to own Vapid Clique as GTA Online Podium vehicle (December 28-January 3)

    5 reasons to own Vapid Clique as GTA Online Podium vehicle (December 28-January 3)

    GTA Online has many vehicles, and Rockstar Games keeps rotating various others during weekly updates and events. The Vapid Clique is the current Podium Vehicle that players can try to get their hands on by spinning the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel. While this is a luck-based reward, it still provides a great chance to obtain a new vehicle. It’s worth noting that you have a 1/20 chance to obtain the Podium Vehicle in Grand Theft Auto Online.

    The Vapid Clique is a great vehicle that everyone should add to their garages. Here are five reasons why.

    Note: Some parts of the article are subjective and solely reflect the writer’s opinion.

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    5 reasons to try your luck getting the Vapid Clique in GTA Online

    1) The design

    The Vapid Clique is a good-looking vehicle in GTA Online that is based on the real-life 1951 Ford Coupe. That allows this muscle car to inherit a classy look that is reminiscent of vintage vehicles.

    The chrome grill on its front, with protruding turn lights as well as big circular headlamps, looks perfect for the coupe. Its back is relatively simple, with normal lights and chrome trims.

    This car’s interior also gives it a simple look that is common for vintage vehicles. So, anyone looking to add an old-school car to their garage should go for the Vapid Clique.

    2) The top speed

    While most players looking for a muscle car don’t look at the top speed, the Vapid Clique offers a great package that does not sacrifice speed for looks and simplicity.

    Although not the fastest muscle car in GTA Online, it can still reach a top speed of 117.50 mph (189.10 km/h). This is quite decent for a vehicle in its category. It also has a rating of 80.48 in speed, which is excellent.

    This speed is sufficient for players looking to take out the Vapid Clique for a ride through Los Santos or completing missions in the city. It will allow them to change targets or get away from cops without many issues.

    3) The Christmas livery looks excellent

    Another reason players should keep trying to get the Vapid Clique as the Podium Vehicle in GTA Online involves the Christmas livery that Rockstar Games is offering alongside this automobile.

    This cosmetic perfectly complements the holiday season with the base green color and white snowflakes all over its body. On top of that, it also has a ribbon-like design on the side with a gift knot at the top. This makes it look like the perfect Christmas present.

    This livery’s wheels, while simple, don’t take anything away from the Vapid Clique’s overall look but rather elevate its design. So, anyone looking to add a classic car to their collection with a festive livery should try to get this Podium Vehicle.

    4) The balanced performance

    The Vapid Clique does not sacrifice its handling and acceleration to achieve a good speed. This is another reason most fans get this car.

    It has a rating of 75.00 and 71.21 in acceleration and handling, which is satisfactory for a muscle car that weighs 1,250 kg. This also means that players can easily participate in races with the Vapic Clique without having to worry about it spinning out of control.

    That makes this a great ride to complete the missions added with the GTA Online Chop Shop update or escape dangerous situations in this game.

    5) The cost

    While the Vapid Clique costs $909,000 in GTA Online, many players believe it is not worth that price. This is mainly because some other cars can rival it and come with cheaper price tags.

    Since the automobile is currently available as a Podium Vehicle, you can try your luck and may get the vehicle for free. This also creates the perfect opportunity for newbies and beginners who have limited funds to get a balanced muscle car.

    Since players have 1/20 odds of getting the Podium vehicle in GTA Online, if they have been trying for a while, they have a good chance of obtaining it.

    The Grand Theft Auto community is having a great time with the Chop Shop update, GTA 6 controversies, and the Florida Joker once again threatening to sue Rockstar Games.

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