5 best horror games to play while waiting for Silent Hill 2 remake

    5 best horror games to play while waiting for Silent Hill 2 remake

    One of the most anticipated horror games presently in the works is Silent Hill 2 remake. Since its initial announcement in 2022, fans have been eagerly waiting for its release. So far, only its announcement trailer has been provided. Since no information regarding its launch has been offered recently, it seems that Konami is prioritizing the quality of this remake and is therefore not rushing its development.

    Although this title’s release date remains unknown, fans can occupy themselves with other horror games while they await its arrival. A fair number of titles excel in being terrifying and also come with a decent overall narrative, characters, and frightening creatures.

    This article highlights five outstanding horror games that you should definitely consider playing while patiently waiting for the Silent Hill 2 remake.

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    Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinions.

    Alan Wake 2 and 4 other horror games you should play while waiting for Silent Hill 2 remake

    1) Alan Wake 2

    In 2023, despite the release of several outstanding horror games, none have come close to matching or surpassing the excellence of Alan Wake 2. This title serves as a paradigm of the ideal modern horror gaming experience. Alan Wake 2 not only delivers high-quality horror gameplay but also employs various methods to instill fear throughout its duration.

    The inclusion of mysterious messages on the walls, laden with hidden meanings, adds a compelling layer to this experience. The levels are far from a walk in the park, featuring terrifying enemies, atmospheric horror elements, and more.

    Random jump scares keep players on edge, and the incorporation of live-action sequences is another notable aspect that plays with the player’s mind. This elevates the game to a whole new level of psychological horror. Overall, Alan Wake 2 is a must-play game that promises a gripping psychological horror gaming experience.

    2) Lethal Company

    Exclusive to Steam, Lethal Company is currently garnering significant acclaim for its distinctiveness. This early-access horror game operates as a cooperative experience, tasking players with exploring diverse locations to gather scrap to fulfill the Company’s profit quota.

    Despite the availability of weapons for protection, your crewmates can provide you guidance from the ship, utilizing the radar to identify traps and using the ship’s terminal to remotely unlock doors. Aesthetically, the entire game adopts a classic VHS-style horror appearance reminiscent of the original Silent Hill 2 game. It’s also worth noting that throughout your journey in this title, you’ll encounter various terrifying monsters.

    3) Resident Evil 4 remake

    2023’s standout success, the Resident Evil 4 remake, proved to be an absolute delight for fans of the original game. While Silent Hill 2 dominated the horror scene during the PS2 era, RE4 is the only horror game to match its level of success.

    Its remake boasts a captivating storyline intertwined with action-packed gameplay. With terrifying enemies, atmospheric horror, exploration-driven objectives, and distinctive puzzles, Resident Evil 4 remake immerses players in a gripping experience.

    The game offers a diverse array of weapons for confronting the zombies, and its formidable boss battles heighten tension, requiring strategic gameplay over hasty maneuvers. In essence, it’s a game that captivates players from the beginning and makes for an excellent horror title to play while waiting for the Silent Hill 2 remake’s release.

    4) Any Outlast game

    The Outlast games not only offer an exhilarating gameplay experience but are also renowned for their ability to terrify players. Unlike some horror titles that aim to provide unique experiences, the offerings in this series are designed to deliver unprecedented thrills. Regardless of which Outlast game you choose, the gameplay is similar. Players use a camera as their task involves recording horrifying encounters.

    The Trinity bundle of Outlast — including the original Outlast game, the Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2 — is available for purchase on Steam at a budget-friendly price. Throughout the games, players will confront deranged individuals and terrifying creatures, with the only means of self-preservation being to sprint or find a hiding spot. This hide-and-seek dynamic heightens tension and intensifies the horror.

    5) Dead Space remake

    If you’re a sci-fi game enthusiast, the Dead Space remake is made for you. Critically acclaimed for its overhauled visuals, exceptional sound design that heightens fear, spine-chilling monsters, and thrilling campaign, this title has garnered positive reviews from both critics and fans alike.

    The Dead Space remake is a creatively crafted horror game that employs diverse methods to intensify player tension. The boss battles are immersive, and the weapons available in this title deliver a gratifying combat experience. If you have a fondness for the original Dead Space by EA, exploring this remake will undoubtedly be worth your while.

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