World Rapid Championship – Live!

    World Rapid Championship – Live!

    Day 2

    From December 26 to 30, this highly anticipated five-day event witnesses the world’s best chess players vying for the prestigious titles of World Champion in Rapid and Blitz across both Open and Women’s categories.


    Both the Rapid and the Blitz will be played under the Swiss System

    • The Open Rapid consists of 13 rounds, while the Blitz consists of 21 rounds
    • The Women’s Rapid consists of 11 rounds, while the Blitz consists of 17 rounds

    Time control

    • Rapid: 15 minutes + 10-second increments per move, starting from move one
    • Blitz: 3 minutes + 2-second increments per move, starting from move one

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    Live games and commentary

    Open – Rounds 6-9

    Women’s – Rounds 5-8

    Commentary by GM Viswanathan Anand & WGM Anastasiya Karlovich

    Middlegame Secrets Vol.1 + Vol.2

    Let us learn together how to find the best spot for the queen in the early middlegame, how to navigate this piece around the board, how to time the queen attack, how to decide whether to exchange it or not, and much more!


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