WhatsApp Web May Not Strain Your Eyes Anymore, Reports Hint New Look Incoming

    WhatsApp Web May Not Strain Your Eyes Anymore, Reports Hint New Look Incoming

    WhatsApp is reportedly developing a new backdrop colour that would improve the visual experience of the web client’s dark theme. Meta-owned platform is also working on new online aesthetics and interactivity. In low-light conditions, the business aims to create a more comfortable version with less strain on the eyes.

    WhatsApp said in signing that it was updating the sidebar of its web client as part of larger platform upgrades and an overall boost in message quality. Since the sidebar redesign is continuing, recent research suggests that WhatsApp is focusing on introducing a special background colour for dark themes.

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    The new colour palette, which shifts from #1b20 to a more vibrant but still subtle shade of green at #18,c, is revealed by a leaked screenshot. This change will make the interface look better, but its main goal is to make it less straining on the eyes.

    WhatsApp has updated the colour scheme and overhauled its Android app in response to changing user expectations. Among these changes were the new colour scheme for the dark theme and the bottom navigation bar. In order to facilitate smooth device transitions, consistency across platforms aims to offer users a recognisable and seamless experience.

    The dark theme’s new background colour is currently being developed and will be included in a subsequent web client version. Users may anticipate a more aesthetically pleasing and intuitive experience on the most popular messaging app in the world as WhatsApp works to update its user interface.

    Meanwhile, the instant messaging platform has introduced a variety of features in the year 2023. The list includes Channels, Voice status, Picture in picture mode for iOS, Call tab on WhatsApp desktop, Companion mode, Edit messages, Searching messages by date, Status link previews, Chat Lock and Proxy connection.

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