Parle-G Replaces Iconic Girl’s Image With This Instagram Influencer’s Face, Here’s Why

    Parle-G Replaces Iconic Girl’s Image With This Instagram Influencer’s Face, Here’s Why

    Parle-G Replaces Iconic Girl's Image With This Instagram Influencer's Face, Here's Why

    Parle-G featured a smiling image of Mr Bunshah on the biscuit wrapper instead of the iconic girl

    Biscuit manufacturer Parle left internet users surprised after it shared a post featuring an influencer’s face on its packet’s cover instead of the iconic Parle-G girl. The amusing post was in response to content creator Zervaan J Bunshah’s viral video where he put forth a hilarious question to his followers. “If you meet the owner of Parle, do you call him Parle sir, Mr. Parle, or Parle G?” he asked in a video. In the clip, Mr. Bunshan is seen sitting in a car with a confused look on his face while the catchy ‘Ae Jee Oo Jee’ track from Anil Kapoor’s movie ‘Ram Lakhan’ plays in the background. 

    The video, shared three days back, went viral eliciting rib-tickling responses from Instagram users. 

    Watch the video here:

    The video also caught the attention of Parle-G and the biscuit manufacturer joined in the fun with a witty comment. The official Parle-G account commented, “Bunshah ji, you can call us the OG.” 

    Later, Parle-G also featured a smiling image of Mr Bunshah on the biscuit wrapper instead of the iconic girl. “While you figure out what to call the owner of Parle-G, you can call us your favorite biscuit to enjoy with a cup of chai. What say @bunshah ji,” read the caption.

    Here’s the post:

    Elated with the gesture, Mr Bunshah responded to the post, talking about how he loved Parle-G biscuits as a child. 

    “BAHAHAHAHAHA SEASONS GREETINGS INDEED. Parle G will always be my nourishment growing up, after any excursion, party, gathering, craving, fancy cake mein bhi ingredient rehta hai! I toh ate the biscuits as a kid thinking I’d become smarter. Usme toh kalti diya tum logon ne,” he wrote.

    Internet users were also delighted with the heartwarming gesture and many called the content creator lucky. One user wrote, ”Wow, this is an amazing gesture.” Another commented, ”This is hella creative no way.” 

    A third said, ”What an honour.” A fourth added, ”Now we want @bunshah photo on every packet of our Parle G biscuit.”

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