Returning Employees, Alternium Reactor update, and more

    CounterSide, a mobile RPG developed by Studiobside, is getting an update on September 20, 2023. The upcoming patch brings back four Employees, including an awakened SSR, and three characters are getting the Alterium Rector upgrade system. A new Challenge Stage will also go live. In addition, the developer has added new in-game functions to the title and fixed some bugs.

    Studiobside will shut down the game’s server and carry out the maintenance on September 20 from 14:00 to 18:00 UTC+9. All players will get 2,000 Credits and three Employment Contracts as compensation.

    This article provides detailed information about all new content in CoutnerSide’s new update.

    CounterSide September 20 official patch notes

    CounterSide’s new update is arriving on September 20 (Image via Studiobside)

    Here is all the new CounterSide content that will be released after the maintenance on September 20:

    Returning CounterSide Employees

    Awakened Yuna Springfield’s banner in CounterSide (Image via Studiobside)

    The following Employees will be available to obtain from the in-game gacha of this free-to-play title until October 4:

    • An awakened SSR Employee, Solar Codex Yuna Springfield, will be available. She takes the role of Striker on the battlefield.
    • An SSR Employee, Karin Wong’s banner, will go live. The Sniper role character will have a boosted drop rate.
    • Rita Arsenico, an SSR Employee, will be available to pull at a boosted drop rate. She performs as a Supporter unit on the battlefield.
    • SSR Horizon will return on its exclusive banner at a boosted drop rate. She is a Defender unit in Counterside.
    • Luna will be available to acquire from the Recruit on Demand permanent banner.

    CounterSide Alterium Reactor Update

    Here are all the units receiving the Alterium Reactor update in this free-to-play friendly gacha on September 20:

    Solar Codex Yuna Springfield (Alternium Reactor Level 1)

    • Effects: Besides her Passive, Yuna can debuff enemies, decreasing their HP every second. Except for Boss, other enemy units cannot nullify the effect. If one enemy comes within her range, it will have a 3% HP decrease. If the count increases, each enemy unit will see a 1% HP reduction.

    Karin Wong (Alternium Reactor Level 1)

    • Effects: At Passive Skill Level 5, her ASPD buff changes to 20% (up to 60%) after the update, as opposed to the current 10% (up to 30%). Additionally, her Passive’s first attack will always deal critical damage.

    Jane Doe (Alternium Reactor Level 1)

    • Effects: After the Alternium upgrade, she won’t receive any damage while dealing with an enhanced attack. Additionally, she casts extra enhanced attacks after completing 10 evasions.

    Challenge Stage: Payment Ledger

    Payment Ledge Challenge Stage in CounterSide (Image via Studiobside)

    The Payment Ledger challenge stage will be accessible until September 27. Players will get a Diligent Player Sticker upon clearing the event. They can use the sticker to craft Exclusive Gear for Horizon Finance employees. They can also get a full exclusive gear set upon completion.

    The prerequisites to craft Horizon Finance Mold in CounterSide are 2,500,000 Credits, 400 Diligent Player Stickers, and 600 Advanced Gear materials. Players can obtain one random CounterSide gear among these: T6 Companion after Work for Rita, T6 Seized Property #11 for Dash, and T6 Hot-blooded Lawyer for Horizon from the mold.

    Studiobside also made a few tweaks to the CounterSide’s PvP mode, Gauntlet. Upon every ban, a unit sees a reduction of the incoming healing effect by 40% in this mobile RPG title.

    Major Changes and Improvements

    • Added Auto Enhancement function, allowing players to automatically enhance among four options: +2, +5, +7, and Max levels.
    • Before entering the Co-op mode, players will see a confirmation pop-up window.
    • While making purchases from Exchange Center – Today’s Deals, the confirmation pop-up window will show the total price at the bottom right corner.
    • Added Alternium Reactor filter at the Management filter option.
    • A comma will appear for every thousand in the total amount of credit required.
    • Players will have two options for crafting: 10 and 100.
    • Deleted the infinite sign on the crafting molds.
    • Eight interaction voices between awakened employees will be added. Certain awakened employees will use different dialogs upon deployment.
    • The Danger Close button will be available on the main lobby screen.
    • Players will directly head to the next stage after reading the interlude after the update.
    • From 56 to 60, five new coordinates will be added in Dive death 7.
    • After the update, the 15th-day check-in item for Company Establishment Punch-In Rewards will provide a Precision Enhancement Module.
    • Increased the initial loading speed and improved network synchronization function.
    • Added tutorial for Alternium Reactor.

    Major Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue in Workshop where the crafting list would disappear if you activate the crafting list and adjust the client’s size.
    • Resolved an issue where some characters’ attacks fire backward while facing the front.
    • Fixed a bug where other team members could trigger Levia Thanis’ Passive Skill Friendly Hairdressers.
    • Lenore’s masked avatar will appear on Ethereal Moon Splitter after the update.
    • When the sleep release effect is not indicated on ship skill tooltips and units, the sleep status effect won’t disappear.
    • Units with both Counterattack in basic and Counterattack to Hitsun in Special or lower skills will not interfere with each other while players use them.

    These are all the changes coming to Studiobside’s title with the new update. Check out these CounterSide’s redeem codes if you want to get in-game freebies.

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