Anshu Malik breaks down after becoming victim of fake viral video

    A day after Haryana Police arrested an individual for spreading an objectionable viral video falsely claimed to be that of international wrestler Anshu Malik, the Olympian and world silver medallist posted a tearful message in which she claimed she was the victim of a ‘conspiracy’ to defame her.

    “Based on a video that isn’t even mine, people have been messaging filthy things and have passed dirty and disgusting comments on me and my family,” Malik said in a video posted on her Instagram account.

    “Did they not even think once what mental trauma me and my family would be undergoing. What mental trauma me and my family would have faced. Without knowing the truth, they declared me guilty in front of society. They made someone guilty who had nothing to do with this whole thing,” a weeping Malik said.

    The 22-year-old, who was the youngest Indian wrestler to compete at the Olympic Games and who won a silver in the women’s 57kg weight category at the Oslo World Championships in 2019, had been the victim of a viral video spread over the past four days. Following a complaint made by her father, Haryana police declared the video was fake and uploaded a confession by an individual who admitted while he was in the video, that Malik had no involvement in the matter.

    In a press conference on Monday night, Jind DSP Ravi Khundia and announced the arrest of a person named Amit from Barwala in Hisar, for posting the vulgar video. However, despite the arrest, the 22-year-old Anshu continues to face objectionable messages on social media.

    “People are abusing those medals and awards I have won until now. I accomplished those awards and medal with so much hard work and determination. It was my dream that I would make the country proud. I wanted to do just a little to make my country proud. My parents taught me this that do something for the country and die. If you do something good people will remember you,” Malik said.

    Malik though said she was grateful that she had the trust of her parents.

    “My mother and father left their jobs so that they could take care of me and so that I could fulfill my dreams. They have faith on me. I am lucky that they and those near me believe in me. They knew that this was a way to defame me. But people are so dirty. They are sending dirty messages. Even today, I will say I am a victim of a conspiracy to defame me. Tomorrow it will be with another girl,” a tearful Anshu said.

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