Two Cops Get Into An Ugly Fight In Bihar’s Nalanda, Probe Launched

    Nalanda police said both cops have been sent back to the police center

    A shocking video has emerged online showing two police constables in Bihar’s Nalanda fighting with each other in broad daylight. In a video that is being widely shared online, the two cops are seen arguing and then engaging in a violent fight in the middle of the road in Nalanda. 

    The video starts with one officer accusing the other of accepting a bribe in front of the public. As the first cop tried to move away, the other cop hit him with the police stick. The two then indulge in a fistfight, even grabbing each other’s necks at some point. Meanwhile, some people can be heard warning the officers that they might get suspended. However, the cops did not listen to them and continued fighting. Locals then intervened and tried to pacify them.

    Many others recorded the incident on their mobile phones and shared it on social media. 

    Taking cognisance of the viral video, Nalanda police said both cops have been sent back to the police center, and an investigation has been ordered.

    The police department wrote on X, ”Both the police personnel have been sent to the police center and the matter is being investigated. Disciplinary action will be taken.”

    Bihar police also reacted to the video and wrote, ”Taking cognizance of the viral video of the dispute between two police personnel under Nalanda district on social media, the Superintendent of Police, Nalanda, has returned both the police personnel to the police center and an investigation has been ordered.”

    Several internet users reacted to the video, expressing shock and concern, with many demanding their dismissal. One user wrote, ”Dismiss both of them, No Suspension.”

    Another commented, ”This is setting really very bad example of Bihar Police. Inspite of suspension or else, there must be Anger Management Sessions for all police officers, as may be issue is not so big, but anger leads to this which embarrassed department.”

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