PM Modi Speaks in Lok Sabha

    Parliament Session Live Updates: Catch updates of the 5-day special session of Parliament here.


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    Parliament Session Live News Updates.

    Parliament Live Updates: Addressing the Lok Sabha on the first day of the Special Session of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the legacy of the old Parliament building will be remembered for generations to come.

    Watch Lok Sabha LIVE here:

    Talking about the shift to the new Parliament building that will happen on Tuesday, 19 September, PM Modi said: “It is true that the decision to construct this building was taken by foreign rulers but we can never forget and can proudly say that the toil, the hard work and the money that went into the construction was that of my countrymen.”

    “This Parliament shed tears when it lost three prime ministers during their tenure – Lal Bahadur Shastri ji, Indira Gandhi ji, and Jawahar Lal Nehru ji. When their tenure were cut short, this House shed tears,” PM Modi said.

    Meanwhile, Congress chief and Rajya Sabha Leader of Opposition Mallikajun Kharge targeted the government in a 30-minute long address.

    “If there is no strong Opposition, it is not right. Now that there is a strong Opposition, focus is on weakening it through ED and CBI. Take them (into their own party), put them in a washing machine and when they come out all clean – make them permanent (in one’s own party). You can see what is happening today,” he said.

    Addressing the media ahead of the five-day special session, PM Modi earlier said that even though the duration of the session is short, it will be one of “historic decisions.”

    • As the Session began, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Rajya Sabha Chairperson Jagdeep Dhankhar hailed the success of the G20 Summit hosted by India.

    • Parliamentarians also bid heartfelt farewell to the old Parliament building as the proceedings will officially move to the new one from Tuesday.

    • The Opposition slammed the Centre over the special session, claiming that the former was not consulted before the announcement of the session.

    • Several parties also expressed dismay over the timing of the session as it overlaps with Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

    • Scores of MPs from the Opposition said that the government must pass the Women’s Reservation Bill.

    ‘Important to Remember Failures of Governments’: Owaisi

    “As we remember the 75 years of Independence, it is also necessary to remember the failures of successive governments. First was the anti-Sikh genocide of 1984. Second was the demolition of Babri masjid on 6 December 1992. The destruction of silk business in Bhagalpur, the riots in Muzaffarnagar and Gujarat, the destruction of humanity in Mumbai,” Asaduddin Owaisi said in the Lok Sabha.

    He also said that if people have to raise voices on the streets, the Parliament will lost faith.

    Chirag Paswan Hails Parliamentarians

    ‘Better Late Than Never’: TMC Mp Shatrughn Sinha

    On Women’s Reservation Bill, TMC MP Shatrughan Sinha told news agency ANI: “The discussions are on, I will say that it is better late than never. Our leader Mamata Banerjee only raised this issue first…But I would like to say that all these talks could have been done in the Winter session also. What has happened currently so that a special session is been called whose agenda has not been decided yet.”

    Key Cabinet Meet Later Today: Report

    The Union Cabinet of Ministers will reportedly meet at 6:30pm on Monday, 18 September, according to multiple reports.

    While the agenda of the meeting is unclear, Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi had said that a total of eight bills are expected to be tabled in the Special Session of Parliament. Some of the bills are yet to be approved, he had stated on Sunday.

    ‘Country Moving Towards More Division’: Manoj Jha

    “This country was partitioned in1947. But so much hate and pain was not there despite so much trauma.We are once again moving moving to a divided India. The foundation of this building was never divided despite devision in the country,” RJD MP Manoj Jha said in the Rajya Sabha.

    “There is a difference between majority and majoritarian,” he added.

    ‘Spoke as a Statesman After a Long Time’: Supriya Sule in Lok Sabha

    Addressing the Lok Sabha, NCP MP Supriya Sule said that even as the prime minister behaved like a statesman, the treasury benches made the narrative political.

    “I appreciate the PM for saying that through the years, governance has continued and various people have contributed for the last 7 decades to contribute to this country which we all love equally,” she said.

    “I would like to put on record two people who I have been influenced by and have not been mentioned by the BJP today. One is Sushma Swaraj ji and another is Arun Jaitley ji who come from the BJP but I still feel that they were excellent Parliamentarians who constantly talked about cooperative federalism,” she said.

    ‘Emotional Moment for Country’: Deepender Hooda

    “It is a very emotional moment for the country and for all of us. The first government of Independent India included great personalities like Dr BR Ambedkar, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who went inside this building and gave the country its Constitution,” Congress MP Deepender Singh Hooda told news agency ANI.

    ‘Still Waiting for Hidden Agendas’: KC Venugopal

    “We are still waiting for the hidden agendas. We are cooperating completely. The building (New Parliament) is very beautiful but it is important what happens inside it. The building will not give results, it’s the discussion inside the building that is the matter for all of us,” Congress MP KC Venugopal told news agency ANI.

    ‘Hope Democracy Is Strengthened in New Building’: Karti Chidambaram

    “I think everybody is nostalgic about this building. I hope in the new building, the foundations of democracy will be further strengthened where the voice of the Opposition voices will also be heard,” Congress MP Karti Chidambaram told news agency ANI.

    ‘Objective of Parliament Session Is Clear’: Shashi Tharoor

    Speaking to news agency ANI, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said that the old building is full of memories.

    “Let’s hope that the new building has better facilities, new technology and more convenience for the members of the Parliament…But still, it is always an emotional moment to leave an institution which is so full of history and memories,” he said.

    “We were all a bit confused as to why it was necessary because many many ways, a lot of Bills they have been talking about could have been introduced later. But it is now becoming clear the government wanted to make a special moment out of shifting from one building to another. They have tried to do it in a special way. We can understand the objective there,” he added.

    ‘PM Described 75 Years Beautifully’: Chirag Paswan

    “Hours, days and months will be less to discuss the history of this Parliament…But even then, how beautifully our PM described the 75-year journey of the Parliament in brief and he talked about every section, not only the Prime Ministers but every worker who contributed to the smooth working of the Parliament,” LJP MP Chirah Paswan told news agency ANI.

    ‘Memories Attached to Old Parliament’: Meenakshy Lekhi

    “As PM Modi said changes are a part of life. This old building (of Parliament) has a very old history. We saw here the abrogation of Article 370, the GST coming into effect. Many memories will be attached to this place. New memories will be attached to the new Parliament building,” Union Minister Meenakshi Lekhi told ANI.

    ‘Parliamentary Democracy Demands Many Virtues’: Adhir Ranjan

    Speaking about the new Parliament building, the leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said: “Architect of modern India – Nehru – had said that parliamentary democracy demands many virtues which are ability, certain devotion to work, and also a large measure of corporation of self discipline and restraint.”

    ‘Naam Badalne se Kya Hota Hai…’: Kharge Takes a Jibe at India-Bharat Row

    Addressing the Rajya Sabha on the first day of the Parliament Session, Mallikarjun Kharge said:

    ‘Badalna hai to halatt badlo, aise naam badelne se kya hota hai

    Dena hai toh yuvaon ko rozgaar do, sabko berozgaar karke kya hota hai

    Dil jo thoda bada karke dekho, logon ko maarne se kya hota hai

    Kuch nahi kar sakte toh khursi chodd do, baat baat pe darane se kya hota hai

    Apni hukumrani par tumhi guroor hai, logon ko darane se, hamkane se kya hota hai’

    “Nehru ji believed that the absence of a strong Opposition means that there are significant drawbacks in the system. If there is no strong Opposition, it is not right. Now that there is a strong Opposition, focus is on weakening it through ED and CBI. Take them (into their own party), put them in a washing machine and when they come out all clean – make them permanent (in one’s own party). You can see what is happening today. PM comes to the Parliament rarely and when he does he leaves after making it an event,” Kharge said.


    Piyush Goyal Talks About Parliament’s History in Rajya Sabha

    Leader of Rajya Sabha and Union Minister Piyush Goyal addressed the House to praise the contribution of various Parliamentarians.

    ‘Would Have Been Good if No Blood Was Shed for Telangana’s Formation’: PM

    Addressing the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said that Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand celebrated when they were formed.

    “It was sad to see that the aspirations of Telangana were suppressed for political gains. A lot of blood was shed. It would have been good if both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh could also celebrate like other states did,” he said.

    PM Modi Remembers Nehru, Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    Addressing the Lok Sabha, PM Modi said: “This is the House in which PM Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech of the ‘stroke of the midnight hour’ echoed on the day of Independence. This House also remembers Atal Bihar Vajpayee’s speech of ‘sarkarein banengi, bigdenge, ye desh rehna chahiye, loktantra rehna chahiye.'”

    “It was this Parliament that saw the Bangladesh Liberation movement and its support under the leadership of Indira Gandhi. It was the same Parliament that also witnessed the attack of democracy during the Emergency,” said PM Modi in Lok Sabha.”

    ‘Parliament Shed Tears When it Lost Indira, Nehru, Shastri ji’: PM Modi

    “This Parliament shed tears when it lost three Prime Ministers during their tenure – Lal Bahadur Shastri ji, Indira Gandhi ji, and Jawahar Lal Nehru ji. When their tenure were cut short, this House shed tears,” PM Modi said.

    PM Modi Hails Contribution of Parliamentarians

    Hailing Parliamentarians, PM Modi said that it was the beauty of democracy that even a 93-year-old Shafiqur Rahman Barq is still contributing to the House.

    Barq is the oldest member of the House and Samajwadi Party leader.

    He also said that the number of women MPs joining the Parliament only increased with time.

    ‘G20, New Parliament for People’: PM Modi in Lok Sabha

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the Lok Sabha as the Special Session of the Parliament convenes.

    Talking about the formal shifting to the new Parliament building on Tuesday, PM Modi said that the legacy of the old one will be remembered for generations to come.

    “All of us are bidding farewell to this historic building. Before Independence, this House hosted the Imperial Legislative Council. After Independence, this gained the identity of Parliament House. It is true that the decision to construct this building was taken by foreign rulers but we can never forget and can proudly say that the toil, the hard work and the money that went into the construction was that of my countrymen,” he said.

    He also congratulated the scientists who worked on the Chandrayaan-3 mission.

    “The success of Chandrayaan-3 has not only made India but the world proud. This has highlighted a new form of India’s strength which is connected to technology, science, potential of our scientists and the strength of the 140 crore people in the country. Today, I again want to congratulate our scientists,” he said.

    “The success of G20 is that of the people, not of any person of party,” he said while speaking of the recently concluded summit hosted in New Delhi.

    TDP MPs Protest Against Chandrababu Naidu’s Arrest

    TDP MPs protested against the arrest of former Andhra Pradesh CM and party’s chief N Chandrababu Naidu, near the Gandhi statue on Parliament premises.

    “Our leader Chandrababu Naidu has been arrested illegally. False evidence has been presented. There is no evidence, still, he has been arrested. Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is behaving like a psycho. If any opposition leader attempts to raise their voice, they try to put them behind bars. So, we are protesting here that democracy in Andhra Pradesh should be protected,” TDP MP Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu said.

    Parliament Convenes, Both House Hail G20 Summit’s Success

    Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and Rajya Sabha chairperson Jagdeep Dhankhar hailed the success of the G20 Summit hosted by India in the respective Houses.

    “I want to congratulate each and every Indian for the successful organisation of the G20 Summit. I also appreciate PM Modi’s vision to dedicate this Summit to the people of the country. India’s presidency of the G20 has been people-centric and in the coming decades, it will give us a new direction,” Birla said.

    ‘Lot of Time to Crib Later’: PM Modi’s Remarks Ahead of Special Session

    Ahead of the special session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing the press outside the Parliament complex that even though the duration of the session is short, it will be one of “historic decisions”.

    “A specialty of this session is that the journey of 75 years is starting from a new destination. Now, while taking forward the journey from a new place. We have to make the country a developed country by 2047. For this, all the decisions of the time to come will be taken in the new Parliament building,” the prime minister said.

    He also said that the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission had filled the entire country with pride.

    “Success of Moon Mission — Chandrayaan-3 has hoisted our Tiranga, Shiv Shakti Point has become a new centre of inspiration, Tiranga Point is filling us with pride. Across the world, when such an achievement is made, it is viewed by linking it to modernity, science and technology. When this capability comes before the world, several opportunities and possibilities knock at the doors of India,” he said.

    Further, Modi added that India had become the “voice of the global south” after hosting the G20 Summit.

    “India will always be proud that we became the voice of the Global South during the G20 Summit and that the African Union became a permanent member of the G20. All this is a signal of India’s bright future. ‘YashoBhoomi’ an international convention centre was also dedicated to the country yesterday,” he said.

    “This is a short session. Maximum time should be devoted (to the Session) in an environment of enthusiasm and excitement. Rone dhone ke liye bahut samay hota hai, karte rahiye (There will be a lot of time to crib later). There are a few moments in life which fill you with enthusiasm and faith. I look at this short session like that.””

    ‘Session Called in Haste’: Priyanka Chaturvedi

    Shiv Sena (UBT) MP Priyanka Chaturvedi said that the special session of Parliament has been called in “haste” and that the timing of the session creates “suspicion” regarding the Centre’s intentions.

    “The special session has been called in haste, without an agenda. Central Government is not giving an agenda. If you look at the eight Bills, only the Bill related to the Chief Election Commissioner is important — we will vehemently oppose this. The other Bills could have waited till Winter Session,” she told ANI.

    Chaturvedi further added, “Hartalika Teej is celebrated today across North India and Maharashtra & other states will celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow. You have called the session in the middle of that. It creates suspicion that what lies in the mind of the Centre.”

    ‘Worried About Govt’s Real Intention: Adhir on Special Session

    Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury slammed the Centre over the holding of the special session of Parliament, saying that there has been no clarity from the government about its purpose.

    “I have been saying this from the beginning that this is quite absurd. Why the government decided to pass so many bills in this Special Session, needs to be clarified by them. Special Sessions are usually called for a special agenda and discussions are held only on that issue, but no clarity has been given by the government if this is a special session or a regular session,” he told news agency ANI.

    “We are worried about the real intention of the government. We do not have any problem with PM Modi speaking in the Parliament. I have raised all the 9 points in the all-party meeting yesterday that were put up by our party,” Chowdhury added.

    INDIA Bloc Holds Discussions Ahead of Session

    Members of the INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) bloc held joint discussions in the chamber of Rajya Sabha LoP Mallikarjun Kharge ahead of the special session of Parliament.

    PM Modi To Address Lok Sabha at 11 AM

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak in the Lok Sabha at 11:00 AM on the first day of the special session of Parliament on Monday, 18 September, news agency ANI reported.

    What’s on the Agenda? 

    A Lok Sabha bulletin issued earlier this month had stated that a “Discussion on Parliamentary Journey of 75 years,” will be held on first day of the special session of Parliament.

    The Lok Sabha will also consider a bill which seeks to replace the Chief Justice of India from the committee for selection of the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners with a Cabinet Minister appointed by the Prime Minister.

    The lower House will also consider passing of The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023, which has been passed in the Rajya Sabha, the bulletin added.

    Parliament Special Session To Begin Today

    The first sitting of the special session of Parliament is scheduled to be held on Monday, 18 September. The session will conclude on 22 September.

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