Moto Tab G84 appears in leaked images

    Motorola launched the Moto G84 smartphone and is reportedly working on a tablet with the same name. The Moto Tab G84 device appeared in leaked renders, and while there are no specs accompanying the images, we can make out some features from them.

    The new tablet will have an 8 MP camera and will have support for a stylus and a magnetic keyboard. There are also 2×2 JBL-tuned speakers with support for Dolby Audio.

    The pogo pins on the bottom are for a magnetic keyboard and cover. At the same time, the stylus will be magnetically attach to the back, where a small cutout indicates the position. We can also see one selfie camera, a USB-C port on the left side, and a card tray on the right, but no audio jack.

    Motorola Moto Tab G84

    The Tab G84 will come to succeed the Moto Tab G70. Motorola also has the Tab G62 in its portfolio, but it’s unclear if that’s getting an update in the Gx4 generation.


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