Jawan: Lehar Khan reveals Shah Rukh Khan ‘came out of nowhere’, calmed her down during emotional scene

    Jawan: Lehar Khan reveals Shah Rukh Khan ‘came out of nowhere’, calmed her down during emotional scene

    Atlee Kumar’s Hindi directorial debut Jawan is on its way to rewrite history. As reported by Pinkvilla, after just 11 days of its release, the box office collection of the mass entertainer has reached Rs 422 crore domestically. With an impressive line-up of stars including Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Priyamani, Sanya Malhotra, and others, the movie is still running strong at multiplexes across the globe. Indian actress Lehar Khan is also an important part of the impressive star cast. In a recent interview, the Parched actress shared her experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan and how he put her at ease during the shoot.

    Lehar Khan reveals Shah Rukh Khan calmed her down during an emotional scene

    In an interview with India Today, Lehar Khan shared about shooting the metro heist sequence in the movie with SRK, which was an emotional one for her. The Brahmāstra actor said that King Khan could make out that she was nervous. Hence, he came to calm her down.

    She said, “My collar was uneven, and I was struggling with it. Suddenly, SRK sir just came out of nowhere and he fixed my collar. He picked up all my props. Since it was an emotional scene for me in that shot, he calmed me down completely. He could feel that I was a little nervous. He put me at ease with his gentle, warm behavior. He also appreciated my performance and said, ‘Mashallah, you’re a very good actor.’ That’s going to stay very close to my heart forever.”

    Lehar Khan shared what she learned from Shah Rukh Khan

    Talking further about the movie and the King of Bollywood, Lehar said that SRK rehearses a lot. She added, “He rehearses his part till the time he perfects it. And then he gave his takes. He doesn’t waste many takes. You can see that he is very experienced. He still has that passion in him. The second thing I learned was to have that liveliness in me as an actor, just like him. I just want to work hard and make my character look different. Something about it should stand out.”

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