Dy Mayor to start field visits to combat spread of dengue

    Kolkata: Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh, who heads the Health department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), cited a lack of civic sense as the major reason behind dengue in the city. Ghosh will also lead field visits at various places in the city from Wednesday regarding dengue awareness and prevention activities.

    “When a dengue patient is detected, we immediately conduct a visit to his residence for identification of the probable source and its destruction.

    In most cases, we are surprised that the probable source exists right inside his/her residence.

    Water pockets are bound to be formed during the monsoon season and it is the responsibility of the households to ensure that water does not accumulate for long as they may emerge as breeding spots for dengue mosquitoes. However, inspite of our awareness there is still laxity in this area,” Ghosh said.

    On Wednesday, Ghosh will visit Kamardanga Road in Ward 56, the next day he will go to Jadavpur University campus and monitor larvicidal spray by drone at Krishna Glass Factory near JU.

    On Friday, he is scheduled to visit Barnaparichay Market at College Street and Calcutta Medical College Hospital. He will also hold administrative meetings at Borough VII and IV on Wednesday and Friday respectively.

    The Deputy Mayor appealed to all political parties, clubs and organisations to take to the streets and lead awareness campaigns so that people keep their premises clean and not let water remain stagnant.

    Ghosh said that the worst ever dengue outbreak in Bangladesh is also playing its part.

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