3 Things That Make Your Baby Food Tasty And Healthy

    Considering a few factors, Dr Swathi Ramamurthy, Head R&D, Herby Angel, quickly offers much-needed nutrition to your child without compromising taste.

    Written By Tavishi Dogra | Updated : September 18, 2023 6:54 PM IST

    Young children require a lot of nourishing foods to grow healthy, intelligent, and strong. Parents always want to provide little ones with the best nutrition possible consistently. However, the real challenge starts when you have to consider the types of food that have both taste and nourishment. In other words, your food must be satiating, easily digestible, and provide ample energy to your growing bundles of joy. Considering a few factors, Dr Swathi Ramamurthy, Head R&D, Herby Angel, quickly offers much-needed nutrition to your child without compromising taste.

    Nutrient-Dense Ingredients: The Foundation of Healthy Baby Food

    Nutrient-dense foods are rich in essential proteins. Therefore, the foundation of tasty and healthy baby food begins with fresh and nutrient-dense ingredients. For instance, you can create meals with fruits such as bananas and chiku (Sapodilla). Mashed meals are easy to make, contain a baby’s required nutrients, and taste delicious. Regular intake of bananas regulates bowel movements in children and prevents gastrointestinal problems. Fruit, like chiku, provides energy to toddlers while strengthening their immune systems.

    Introducing Flavors: Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits

    When your baby grows up, introduce them to various new foods to ensure they get all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they require for healthy growth and development. A healthy six-month-old kid can be introduced to various flavours and textures, which has multiple advantages. It teaches the baby’s taste buds to appreciate nutritious flavours and lays the groundwork for healthy eating habits. Furthermore, it teaches the baby to anticipate changes in meals. However, striking a balance of flavours is critical when introducing new meals. Begin with lighter flavours like sweet potatoes or jaggery and work up to more robust flavours like spinach or broccoli. This method helps babies adjust to different tastes, boosting their acceptance of a greater variety of foods as they grow.

    Adding Variations: Promoting Food Diversity

    Food diversity is critical for good nutrition and healthy development. Encouraging your child to consume meals you know they like is essential, but introducing new options regularly is also crucial to ensure they obtain nutritional advantages from various sources. Feeding a range of foods improves the taste and supplies a broader spectrum of nutrients to help them thrive. For example, the benefits of Sattu (a powdered form of roasted chickpeas) for the human body are well known, and it can be helpful for overall growth in babies. You can prepare a Sattu mix meal with a banana or coconut sugar. This superfood is delicious and nutritious for your children, containing vitamins, fibre, and protein packed in one.

    All Things Considered

    Preparing delightful and healthful meals for your children is a rewarding experience that nourishes their bodies and taste buds. By focusing on nutrient-dense ingredients, introducing various flavours gradually, and offering food variations, you can establish a strong foundation for your child’s lifelong relationship with nutritious and enjoyable eating. Embark on this culinary adventure, infusing creativity and love into each meal, and watch your little bundles of joy thrive in health and happiness. Making nutritious and tasty baby food is a journey that supports their growth and development while bringing joy to their taste buds.

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