Get kills like a pro (September 2023)

    Mastering long-range accuracy is a skill that can take your gameplay to pro levels in the ever-changing universe of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). This tutorial will give you five key techniques to help you excel in long-range combat scenarios, whether you’re a seasoned player trying to fine-tune your sniper skills or a beginner ready to make your mark.

    We’ve got you covered on everything from weapon selection to sensitivity settings and advanced skills like leading shots.

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    Tips to attain long-range accuracy in BGMI (September 2023)

    1) Weapon choice

    The first step toward improving your long-range accuracy is to choose the correct weapon in BGMI. While assault rifles such as the M416 and AKM are adaptable, long-range weapons such as the Mini 14, SKS, or Kar98k are suitable for precision shots.

    Equip yourself with a scope (ideally 4x, 6x, or 8x) to improve your distance accuracy. To lessen recoil and improve follow-up shots, use compensators or flash hiders.

    2) Sensitivity settings

    It is critical to customize your sensitivity settings for precision aiming in BGMI. Finding the correct combination of sensitivity and stability is critical. Lower sensitivity settings (particularly for the 6x and 8x scopes) can assist you in making accurate adjustments for long-range shots.

    Experiment with sensitivity settings in training mode to see what works best for you, but strive for lesser sensitivity during long-range encounters to keep control over your crosshair.

    3) Practice

    It takes practice to improve your long-range accuracy in BGMI. Spend time practicing your aim in training mode or arcade matches. Concentrate on landing consistent headshots as they inflict greater damage.

    Shooting at moving targets is a good way to imitate real-world matches. Consistent practice can help you forecast adversary actions and increase your accuracy during games.

    4) Positioning and cover

    Long-range accuracy requires careful positioning and efficient use of cover. When fighting at a distance, make sure you’re in a secure position, such as prone or crouching behind a rock or tree. This limits your exposure to adversaries and your chances of being hit. Return to cover after a quick peek out to take shots. This strategy keeps your accuracy while simultaneously keeping you safe.

    5) Bullet drop and leading shots

    Understanding bullet drop and leading shots is critical when attempting to hit distant targets. Bullets in BGMI do not move in a straight line over great distances; instead, they drop due to gravity.

    It is critical to understand the bullet drop for your chosen weapon and sight. Aim slightly ahead of your target if they are moving to compensate for their movement. This is known as leading your shots, and it is vital for accurately striking fast-moving objects.

    Remember that progress requires time and patience, so don’t be discouraged by early setbacks. With effort and these tips, you’ll be securing long-range kills in BGMI like a pro in no time.

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