$600 Million Worth Tom Cruise Falls Out of Favor With Luxury Car Brand Bugatti

    The Hollywood icon, Tom Cruise known for his daring stunts on the silver screen has a passion for luxury cars. In his impressive collection is a Bugatti Veyron that exhibits the Mission Impossible star’s harmonious relationship with the prestigious French sports brand. 

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    However, in due course of time, the relationship between Cruise and the French sports car brand has turned bitter. In this article, we will delve into exploring the peculiar incident that led Bugatti to permanently ban Cruise from purchasing their car.    

    The bewildering incident on the red carpet


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    At the premiere of “Mission: Impossible III” dated back in 2006, Cruise arrived on the red carpet in style in his Bugatti Veyron. As reported by Hot Cars, the luxury model with 16-cylinder engine and 1001 horsepower, acquired for 1.9 million euros in 2005, stole all the spotlight. But, things took a quick turn that transformed the otherwise glamorous moment into a small fiasco.

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    On arrival at the prestigious event, Cruise attempted to open the passenger door for Katie Holmes, his then-wife. However, this chivalrous gesture resulted in an embarrassing moment as he attempted to open the door and continued to struggle with the handle. After repeated unsuccessful attempts, Cruise finally was able to triumph in the unlocking game. However, by now this act has caught the attention of the international press and the incident served as a bad PR for Bugatti. 

    Bugatti’s non-negotiable ban on Cruise

    As the carpet mishap video featuring Cruise went viral among the audience, Bugatti made a swift and unforgiving response. The French automaker promptly banned the Top Gun actor marking the termination of his direct association with the luxury automobile brand.


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    Although there has been dubiety regarding the door being locked from the inside, the social-media memes tarnished the lofty reputation of Bugatti. The stern decision created an uproar among Cruises’s fans dividing them into two groups.

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    Many claimed Bugatti’s strict decision to be petty while others supported its decision as a measure to protect its robust reputation. It has been 17 years since this permanent ban on Cruise has been levied on him. The other celebrities who were vetoed by Bugatti include American Idol famed Simon Cowell, boxer Floyd Mayweather, rapper Flo Rida and Jenson Button, the former Formula 1 driver. 


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    With the passing of time, questions and inquisitiveness arise about whether Bugatti will reconsider an alliance with Cruise again. Fans are looking forward to the day when two big names, Tom Cruise and Bugatti will jointly rewrite their automotive history.

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