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    A bizarre run out during a European Cricket Series (ECS) match between Asian Latina and Royal Roma has gone viral. Posted on the official X handle of European Cricket, the video has left people in splits, and is likely to make you chuckle too.

    The image shows a match between Asian Latina and Royal Roma. (X/@EuropeanCricket)

    “NO WAY THIS HAPPENED! With only 1% chance of winning at six over mark to losing by just 1 run, Asian Latina had their heart broken in the most bizarre way ever,” reads the caption posted along with the video.

    Take a look at this video that shows the bizarre run out:

    The video was shared on September 13. Since being posted, it has accumulated close to 6.1 lakh views. Additionally, the share has collected more than 1,400 likes. People posted varied comments while reacting to the video.

    Take a look at some of comments by X users:

    “That is amazing,” commented an X user. “Once again. This league has to be the best ever. Gift that keeps on giving,” expressed another. “Euro Cricket is the best cricket,” joined a third. “Cricket at its finest,” joked a fourth. “That’s gold,” added a fifth. “Lol. That’s funny,” wrote a sixth. Many reacted to the video using laughing out loud emoticons.

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