Jungkook wears eyeliner for Vogue Korea’s ‘1970s Punk’ theme; BTS ARMY reacts

    Jungkook wears eyeliner for Vogue Korea’s ‘1970s Punk’ theme; BTS ARMY reacts

    BTS member Jungkook gave fans a surprise as he featured in the latest issue of Vogue Korea. Taking to Instagram on Saturday, Vogue Korea shared posts giving a glimpse of Jungkook as he chose different genres for the photoshoot. (Also Read | Jungkook scripts history at VMAs as he wins Song Of The Summer award, posts his shirtless pic as gift for BTS ARMY)

    Jungkook chooses jazz and rock genres

    BTS’ Jungkook posed for Vogue Korea.

    Jungkook’s first theme is ‘The Jazz Age,’ for which he opted for a white shirt under a blazer and black pants. The BTS singer chose ‘British Rock in the ’60s’ as his second theme where he wore a black shirt with frills and matching pants. In the pictures, he looked at the camera as he gave different poses.

    Jungkook opts for punk and hip-hop genres

    For the third theme, Jungkook chose the ‘1970s Punk’. In the photo, he sat inside a graffitied toilet wearing a sleeveless black T-shirt, denims with a plaid shirt around his waist. Jungkook wore eyeliner and a choker and also flaunted his tattooed arm during the photoshoot. Jungkook chose ‘Modern Hip Hop’ as the last theme. In the picture, he wore a black hoodie and jewellery as he posed for the camera.

    Fans react to Jungkook’s new pics

    Reacting to the pictures, a fan wrote, “Giving mafia boss vibes.” A comment read, “This man can do anything. Mind-blowing.” An Instagram user said, “He is the Golden Maknae since he was the creative director on all these! And he adds that he wants to master all these music genres.” “So, is everyone else unanimously blushing from this pic of JK?….or is it just me,” read a comment. “Thriller master Jeon Jungkook,” wrote another fan.

    “I need a new dictionary to describe him and his aura his beauty his talent everything,” said a person. “This guy has so much duality. This hairstyle gave us a 16-year-old vibe on his birthday. I was crying like he was super adorable but look at him being all hot and happening in the exact hairstyle and killing us!!!” wrote another Instagram user. “He looks 10 years younger than his age… Oh my God, he’s handsome,” said a social media user.

    Jungkook made history at VMAs

    Recently, Jungkook made history at the 2023 Video Music Awards (VMAs). He won the Song Of The Summer award for his latest song Seven (feat Latto) and became the first male K-Pop soloist to win a VMA award. Later, he was seen having dinner with HYBE Chairman Bang Si-Hyuk and TXT members Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai.

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