EXCLUSIVE: Atlee promises a ‘new cut’ of Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara’s Jawan for OTT; ‘Let me surprise you’

    Atlee Kumar, the man of the hour, is currently enjoying the fruits of his hard work after his first Hindi film as a director hit a jackpot at the box office, domestically and internationally. The Indian film director who was, till now, ruling the Tamil film space came to Bollywood and shattered multiple records with his action-thriller movie Jawan. As he is soaking in all the love and appreciation his Shah Rukh KhanNayanthara starrer movie is getting, he also hinted at coming up with a longer, new version of the movie for OTT, during an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla.

    Atlee Kumar hints at a different version of Jawan for OTT

    In his recent conversation with Pinkvilla, the Jawan director made many revelations. Apart from talking about his Hindi successful project that’s still running strong in multiplexes, Atlee also promised that he’s working on something special for the OTT version of Jawan.

    When quizzed if we can see a longer, unseen version of the film to be made for the web space, the director divulged, “I think we’ve given the right ration of emotions, the right length to theatrical. For OTT, we are considering a different rhythm to it. So, yeah, of course, we are working on something so that’s why I didn’t go on my holiday. I’m working on something. Let’s see. Let me surprise you all.”

    Atlee Kumar talks about a Jawan sequel

    Looking at the public response to the movie, a sequel to the blockbuster wouldn’t be a bad idea. Moreover, the way the movie had an open ending did raise many eyebrows with cinephiles speculating a franchise in the making. Sharing his two cents about coming up with Jawan 2, Atlee Kumar said, “Every film of mine has such kind of ending. I never had a thought of doing a sequel to any of the films. But I have given an open heart to it. So, if something strong comes to me, definitely I’ll come up with that. As of now, I’ve just kept it very open. I can come up with a sequel, later. But definitely, I’ll come,” he added.

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