Nutritionist Shares The Many Benefits Of Consuming Saffron Tea

    Nutritionist Shares The Many Benefits Of Consuming Saffron Tea

    Saffron tea is aromatic and boosts our health in a variety of ways

    The crocus sativus Linné plant’s blossoms are the source of the spice known as saffron. The Middle East and some regions of Europe are home to the crocus. It is mostly grown in Iran, India, and Greece. Saffron has also been used as a fabric dye, an ingredient in perfume, and in cooking to add colour and flavour to food. Saffron may be made into a tea, much like many other herbs and spices can.

    Saffron is still highly valued today as a cooking spice and as a complementary medicine for a number of ailments. According to certain studies, the spice is useful for a number of purposes. A great way to consume saffron is by making tea from it. 

    There are numerous diverse chemical components in saffron. Some of these could lower blood pressure and shield you from heart disease. A study on Saffron was found to lower blood pressure in research. In other studies with rabbits, the spice was successful in reducing triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

    In an older human study, it was discovered that saffron decreased the risk of tissue damage caused by bad cholesterol. According to research, saffron’s antioxidant qualities may have a preventive effect against heart disease. Read Nutritionist Lovneet Batra’s post to learn more.

    Look at her post:

    Add this delicious aromatic tea to your diet for better overall health.

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