Man rescues crying cat from the roadside. Watch | Trending

    Man rescues crying cat from the roadside. Watch | Trending

    A video of a man rescuing a kitten lying on the roadside has gone viral on social media. The clip not only shows how he helps the cat but also how he cares for her afterwards.

    Snapshot of the cat that was rescued. (Instagram/@ Ricardo Gorski)

    The video was shared on Instagram by user Ricardo Gorski. It opens to show Gorski finding a cat near a road. With no one around to rescue the cat, he finally picks her up and takes her home. (Also Read: Cat discovers sunlight, tries to touch it. Watch adorable video)

    After taking her home, he tries to gain her trust while providing her with necessary care. As the video progresses, the cat is seen getting better with each passing day. The kitty, which was initially frightened, slowly gets over her fear and can be seen playing around with boxes and other things.

    Towards the end of the video, Gorski explains how he took the cat to a vet as he was worried about her leg. However, the doctor informed him that she’s absolutely healthy.

    Watch the video of the man rescuing the cat here:

    This post was shared on August 23. Since being posted, it has been liked more than five lakh times. The clip also has several comments.

    Here’s what people are saying about this video:

    An individual wrote, “Thank you so much for rescuing her.”

    A second joked, “Also rescued a crying cat, now she makes me cry.”

    “Adorable! You are an angel,” posted another.

    A fourth shared, “Thank you for your kind heart.”

    Several others reacted using heart emojis.

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