GTA 6 alleged actor Bryan Zampella gives Franklin a mysterious briefcase, fans go crazy

    Bryan Zampella is a name familiar to many GTA 6 fans. He’s been rumored to be the voice actor for Jason, one of the two protagonists in that game. However, this has never been confirmed. For all gamers know, he’s been milking the audience dry with the fame given to him by the speculation surrounding one of the most anticipated video games of all time.

    Recently, Bryan Zampella has been seen in a video with Shawn Fonteno, the real-life voice actor for GTA 5’s Franklin. There is no guarantee that anything important is to come up from their interaction, yet some fans have speculated that this is somehow a teaser for GTA 6.

    Bryan Zampella (the rumored voice actor for GTA 6’s Jason) is seen with the real-life actor for GTA 5’s Franklin’s

    The video starts off with Bryan Zampella talking about something incredibly dangerous being in the briefcase before him and Shawn Fonteno (the voice actor for GTA 5’s Franklin Clinton).

    The two talk a bit before opting to look inside the mysterious object before them. Much like the briefcase in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, the fans never find out what’s inside.

    The whole clip with Shawn Fonteno and the rumored GTA 6 voice actor is only 46 seconds long. Interestingly, it’s only a part of a larger video tied to the strange briefcase.

    The full video was posted on the official Blast Crew YouTube channel. It was also visible on Bryan Zampella’s Instagram page. Shawn Fonteno shows up around 1:10, talking to the alleged GTA 6 voice actor in an airport. The two argue about a fraudulent pilot.

    Another person in a tracksuit shows up while everybody continues to discuss the briefcase. The end of the video is the same as what was shown in the Tweet from earlier.

    Fan reactions

    Unsurprisingly, some people think that Bryan Zampella is connected to GTA 6 in some manner. The above Reddit post is an example of a Redditor who believes such, although most of the other comments disagree.

    Many believe the video has nothing to do with the next Grand Theft Auto game. After all, Shawn Fonteno is a real person who can appear in projects outside of the series. Not to mention, Bryan Zampella has a reputation online where many don’t believe that he’s involved in GTA 6.

    Some reactions in awe of the video (Image via Twitter)

    Still, some people have gotten excited about this random video. It’s even seen as a confirmation of who Jason’s voice actor is for some people or how he’s connected to the next Grand Theft Auto game.

    These Tweets may not be well-liked, but there are still enough of them to indicate that there’s a good chunk of people who are hyped for a possible connection.

    It is worth noting that there is no confirmation or credible leaks about who the actual voice actors are for the next Grand Theft Auto game. There are rumors, but such information could always be wrong.

    Gamers should be patient and wait for more official news from Rockstar Games regarding any castings for Jason and the other characters in the next Grand Theft Auto game.

    At the very least, Mr. Zampella is connected to Shawn Fonteno via acting, as evident in the Dead Drop footage.

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