G20 Summit: India, US, Brazil, and South Africa issue joint statement; reaffirm shared commitments

    Amid the ongoing G20 Summit taking place in the national capital and the global leaders adopting the New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, the White House released a joint statement from the United States, India, Brazil, and South Africa on the G20 on 9 September.

    In the statement, the US along with three other countries reaffirmed shared commitment to the G20 as the premier forum for international economic cooperation to deliver solutions for our shared world.

    It said, “We, the Leaders of India, Brazil, South Africa, and the United States, met on the margins of the G20 Leaders’ Summit in New Delhi to reaffirm our shared commitment to the G20 as the premier forum for international economic cooperation to deliver solutions for our shared world.”

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    Adding more, the statement said, “As the G20’s current and next three Presidencies, we will build on the historic progress of India’s G20 Presidency to address global challenges. In this spirit, together with the World Bank President, we welcome the G20’s commitment to build better, bigger, and more effective multilateral development banks. This commitment underscores what we can do, by working together through the G20, to support our people toward a better future.”

    Earlier in the day, the G20 group adopted the Delhi Declaration where consensus was achieved on all issues, including the divisive Russia-Ukraine issue, making it a historic win for India’s presidency.

    PM Narendra Modi, while addressing his counterparts at a session, had said, “Through the hard work of our teams, and the cooperation of you all, we have reached an agreement on the New Delhi G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration. I propose that we adopt this New Delhi Leaders Declaration.”

    On Day 1, the declaration also followed the inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member of the grouping.

    The Delhi Declaration, issued on the first day of the Summit included areas of strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth, accelerating progress of sustainable development goals, reforms of multilateral development institutions, and reinvigorating multilateralism, which was agreed upon by all participating countries.

    The declaration said on the war in Ukraine that leaders of the G20 reiterated their national positions and resolutions adopted at the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly and underscored that all states must act in a manner consistent with the Purposes and Principles of the UN Charter in its entirety.

    The leaders also called for ‘cessation of military destruction or other attacks on relevant infrastructure’ in the context of emphasizing the importance of sustaining food and energy security.

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