Ex-India star deletes ‘one corrupt guy’ tweet after fans relate it to BCCI | Cricket

    Ex-India star deletes ‘one corrupt guy’ tweet after fans relate it to BCCI | Cricket

    Former India cricketer Venkatesh Prasad deleted his tweet in which he had talked about “one corrupt and arrogant” giving the “stamp of corruption” to a “generally non-corrupt organisation”. “It takes one corrupt, arrogant guy to take away the hard work of an organisation that is generally non-corrupt and get a stamp of corruption on the whole leadership, not just on a micro level but at a large level,” read Prasad’s deleted tweet. While he did not take anyone or any organisation’s name, his two other tweets done around the same time slamming the BCCI, made fans join the dots and relate his scathing tweets to the Indian cricket board.

    Venkatesh Prasad(Twitter)

    Prasad found himself trending on Friday for his hard-hitting tweets for the last two days about the Asian Cricket Council’s decision to award a reserve day to only the India vs Pakistan Super 4 stage game in the Asia Cup and the ticket crisis for ICC World Cup 2023 to be played in India. While tweets about the Asia Cup reserve day grabbed the limelight on Thursday, his comments about the World Cup tickets and its scheduling went viral faster.

    When an X user asked Prasad the reason for deleting his tweet, the former pacer, who also worked as the bowling of the Indian side, said it was taken out of context. “That was a general tweet where I spoke about how one person who is corrupt can undo a lot of good work of his organisation and it can have large-scale implications on a macro level as well in any field. Since I was also speaking about the inefficiency of the BCCI around tickets in other tweets, it led to confusion and looked out of context. Hence deleted,” he said.

    His two other tweets that might have created the confusion talked about the problems around the upcoming ODI World Cup.

    “There is no debate and doubt on the fact that we have messed up the lead-up to the World Cup. Unreasonable delay in schedule in the first place and if that wasn’t enough changing the schedule hampered 5 matches in the process, if that wasn’t enough a completely non-transparent and inefficient ticket system only encouraging black marketeers. It is a proud moment to be hosting a World Cup and it should have been a great time for the fans but these difficulties for the fans doesn’t look unplanned. It’s time we wake up and not make this incompetence a norm just because “Yes Men” around don’t want to speak up. It is a matter of national prestige,” Prasad wrote.

    There was an unprecedented delay in announcing the schedule of this year’s ODI World Cup and when it was done, it came to light that there will be more changes due to security concerns. The ICC and BCCI finally came up with the revised and final World Cup schedule with less than two months to go for the tournament. This sent fans’ plans for a toss.

    If this was not enough, there was plenty of backlash as soon as the ticket sale for World Cup matches went live. Thousands of fans complained about not even being able to log in to the site to book tickets.

    “We have a good team and are strong contenders for the World Cup but we need genuine fans inside the stadium cheering for the team and their experience needs to be far smoother and easier than what it has been, and for that, the BCCI needs to do far better than they have done so far. It is a reflection of the country as a whole and we as a nation should not be let down at any cost,” Prasad added.

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