Mumbai cop Amol Kamble’s dance reel on Shah Rukh Khan’s song ‘Chaleya’ goes viral: ‘Wasn’t aware that my video…’

    Mumbai cop Amol Kamble’s passion for dancing is no secret and he loves to flaunt it too. Often referred to as Mumbai’s dancing cop, his Instagram Bio reads, ‘Mumbai Police on field. Artist By Heart.’ His Instagram handle is full of dance reels and a few of them, including the one he shot with actor Ranveer Singh, have actually gone viral on the internet too. His recent post, which was a video that features him grooving to the beats of ‘Chaleya’ from Shah Rukh Khan’s recent release ‘Jawan’ has garnered a lot of reaction on the social media. The video has been liked by more than 708k netizens and has more than 10k comments on it. Some of the comments read, ‘Age is just a number’, ‘Uncle is cooler than most of my batchmates’ and ‘Uncle Got Some Cool Moves’. Now reacting to it, while talking with HT, Amol said, ‘I was not aware that it (Chaleya video) has reached such a huge audience. I just practise my dance and put it on social media. I learn by watching different choreographers and if I like some song, I listen to it repeatedly and then start imagining the dance steps.’ Talking about his love for dancing, Amol revealed, ‘I spend my weekends practising dance and making videos. Even on days when I get free from work a little early, I visit a dance studio and practise. My family supports me and even the (police) department. That said, I never let my work suffer.’ For more news and updates, stay tuned to ETimes.

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