Mahesh Bhatt on Jawan: Shah Rukh Khan uses his superstar light to illuminate the world – Exclusive

    here’s a strong connection between ‘Jawan’ star Shah Rukh Khan and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. SRK jokes about Alia Bhatt in one of Jawan‘s high-tension hostage scenes, but the connection goes beyond what transpires on-screen.
    Mahesh Bhatt and SRK worked together in films like Duplicate and Chaahat in the past and the two have had a long history of mutual respect. After watching the newest release Jawan, Mahesh Bhatt echoed similar sentiments as he spoke to ETimes about King Khan‘s stardom and his ability to influence the masses and movie goers.
    Mahesh Bhatt said, “Stars don’t shine because they want to be seen; they shine because they are stars. A superstar is someone who uses their light to illuminate the world, leaving a trail of inspiration for others to follow. Shah Rukh is a living embodiment of that.” Bhatt was obviously impressed with SRK’s crowd-pleasing performance in Jawan and in particular with the film’s social themes.
    Jawan features SRK as a vigilante who is out to right the wrongs of the system and fight corruption in an all-new style. His character is assisted by a band of girls who are tech savvy, ready to fight and armed to the gills. Quite literally, SRK’s gang of girls in Jawan are a reflection of women empowerment of the cool kind. Then there’s SRK’s monologue which urges Indian citizens to wake up and question every authority – especially the government and its inability to fight corruption and serve the citizens.
    Needless to say, Mahesh Bhatt was impressed with this socially-relevant aspect of Jawan and he felt SRK’s ability to convey important truths with filmmaking finesse was praise worthy. We have to say, there are thousands of Jawan and SRK fans out there who will wholeheartedly agree with Mahesh Bhatt.

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