G20 Declaration Builds On 6 Priority Areas… And More”: Hardeep Puri

    G20 Declaration Builds On 6 Priority Areas... And More': Hardeep Puri

    New Delhi:

    The G20 in India will be remembered for years to come, not only for the expected conclusions it reached but also the historic extras it  generated — like bringing the African Union on the table and producing the global bio-fuel alliance, Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri said today.

    The Central theme of this meet is a “human centric approach to development,” which bears the imprint of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he told NDTV in an exclusive interview today.

    The world today is passing through many crises.. Even the G20 was born in the moment of crisis — in 2006 when the world was going through financial and economic crisis,” Mr Puri said.

    “The Prime Minister’s approach is suitable to navigate through all divergences, contentious era,” he added.

    The minister, a career diplomat before he joined politics, said he had “no doubt” that the historic resolution will be reached.

    “It builds on six priority areas for India and much more… brings African Union on the G20 table… Produces global biofuels alliance,” he added.

    The unanimous resolution was adopted this evening, after a night of suspense. Diplomats burned midnight oil to make the document acceptable to all.

    The resolution was arrived at after much back and forth, with the war in Ukraine being one of the contentious issues. The G7 nations did not wish to name Russia.

    “People were pessimistic that we could ever arrive at a consensus on Russia and Ukraine because multilateral forums across the world had failed to do so,” G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant told NDTV. 

    Mr Puri earlier said “India’s G20 Presidency has been the most ambitious in the history of G20”.

    “On all fronts — health, climate, climate finance, you can do a simple metric before and after that this G20 has produced… This is a post-Covid new international order (and) a moment of rejoicing and celebration,” he had told reporters.

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