Did You Know Nintendo’s Iconic Mario Was Bald in a Classic From the Japanese Gaming Giant?

    There are almost none who haven’t come across the name Mario in their childhood. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo‘s Italian plumber Mario has surely been a fan-favorite character for over two decades. Although Super Mario games showed a different dimension of success altogether, there are some more details about his looks, that still Mario fans do not know about yet. 

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    From controversies around Mario’s hair to Super Mario’s 1Up challenge, Nintendo certainly reached global fame through its iconic Mario. However, sources suggest that Mario was also featured bald under its famous red plumber cap. 

    Let’s hear about some unknown details about Mario’s look


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    Among all the controversies, one persistent topic revolves around the fact that Mario was initially bald under its plumber cap. The source suggested that Mario’s debut appearance in the 1981 Arcade game, Donkey Kong, was completely different than it is now. After years of improvisation, Mario received its iconic blue dungaree, red plumber cap, and mustache. Mario’s baldness can be spotted in the test cartridge of Super Mario Land. 

    In the initial prototype of the game, Mario is just not bald but also without his iconic red cap. However, it was probably among many test-looks that developers tried on Mario. In Super Mario Land, Nintendo brought Mario in a Tanooki costume with abilities to transform into many forms. 

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    Apart from helping with Mario’s look, Super Mario Land brought the first hand-held gaming experience for Mario players. Fans were completely over the moon, enjoying their favorite Mario on the new and portable gaming devices. Despite evaluating different looks of Mario, Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise also stunned fans with an exclusive game glitch, which further received the fame of a fan-favorite stunt. 

    Super Mario’s 1up trick was actually a glitch 

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    Players in Super Mario Bros. 3-1 discovered stair blocks with two koopas. Now to apply the 1up trick, players have to directly jump on the second koopa and get it inside its shell. Now if the player moves one step down and re-jumps on the second koopa while it is moving, they can score as many 1ups as they want. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that the team initially kept this glitch to test the efficiency of the players. Now that the Super Mario Bros. 1up trick is gaining immense popularity, Miyamoto’s team is certain about the brilliant players they have. 


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    People’s love for Mario is visible through the amount of love it has received for more than two decades. Even the movie based on Mario’s character became a super hit at the box office. So, did you know about these unspoken details about Mario’s look? 

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