Dengue outbreak to continue throughout September: Experts

    Experts have expressed concerns that the dengue outbreak may not be mitigated but instead continue throughout September.

    “The dengue outbreak shows no signs of abating, primarily due to the ongoing rainfall. It is expected to continue throughout September. The situation’s improvement in October depends on the intensity of rainfall during that period,” said Jahangirnagar University’s Zoology Professor Dr Kabirul Bashar, an entomologist by background.   

    “There is a risk that dengue may spread more severely in areas outside of Dhaka, as the infection is relatively new there,” he told The Business Standard.

    At least 10 more dengue patients died and 2,748 were hospitalised across the country in the last 24 hours till Saturday morning.

    With the latest figure, a total of 716 dengue patients have died and 1,45,335 have been admitted to hospitals this year, according to data from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

    Of the new cases, 1,051 were reported in Dhaka and 1,697 in various parts of the country.

    Dengue cases and deaths this year have surpassed all previous records. Within the first nine days of September alone, 123 people died of dengue, and more than 21,000 were hospitalised.

    Professor Kabirul Bashar, who actively participated in the recently completed Monsoon Aedes Survey by the health directorate, said, “During my fieldwork, I have noticed that common people are not fully engaged in the fight against dengue.”

    “Aedes mosquitoes are proliferating in stagnant water within residential garages and vacant flats. It is essential for community members to take responsibility for maintaining cleanliness in these areas. Engaging people in dengue control efforts is a must,” he added.

    The entomologist also highlighted the absence of mosquito control initiatives in rural areas, urging local government institutions to step in. He emphasised the need for initiatives that involve mosquito elimination, worker training, and the procurement of insecticides.

    So far 1,34, 421 dengue patients have been released from hospitals in the country this year.

    A total of 10,198 dengue patients, including 4,411 in Dhaka, are now receiving treatment at hospitals across the country, shows DGHS data.

    Dhaka and Chattogram divisions have the highest number of dengue cases.

    Previously, the country recorded 281 dengue-related deaths in 2022 and 179 deaths in 2019.

    Additionally, the DGHS recorded 62,423 dengue cases and 61,971 recoveries last year.

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