Man orders Starbucks coffee worth Rs 400 for Rs 190 from Zomato while sitting inside the coffee shop 

    By Ankita Chakravarti: People generally make the best use of technology, at least most of the time. Recently, a man shared an interesting story about how he avoided the inconvenience of walking up to the order counter at a Starbucks cafe to place his order. Instead, he used Zomato to order the same coffee and ended up saving a significant amount of money. While Starbucks is known for its quality, it can be quite expensive, with a typical coffee costing around 300-400 rupees. However, delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy often offer discount coupons for orders, and if you are a Gold subscriber, you can even enjoy free delivery.

    A Twitter user, Sandeep Mall narrated his interesting story on Twitter. He said that he got the coffee worth Rs 400 at Starbucks for Rs 190 when he placed an ordered through Zomato. He revealed how the delivery partner took the coffee from the counter and placed it on his table.”Sitting at Starbucks – coffee for 400. Zomato deal for same coffee 190. Ordered Zomato with address of Starbucks. The Zomato guy picks up and gives me to my table at Starbuck. àäïàå‡ àäµàä¾àä²àä¾ business àä…àäªàäèàå€ àä…àä•àåàä² àä¸àå‡ completely out of course àä¹àåˆàåä, Mall wrote on Twitter.

    One of his Twitter followers asked Mall about the reaction of the delivery guy, to which Mall replied saying that the delivery guy already knew that people order from Zomato while sitting in the cafe, so he was not surprised. Another Twitter user made an interesting point. “Zomato delivery guy must be happy as delivery KPIs being ticked in less time,” the user said.

    Mall’s tweet got loads of reactions on Twitter. A Twitter user wrote that he has been ordering from the delivery apps while sitting inside the restaurant from a very long time. He revealed that the owner of the stall sometimes asked him to order from either Swiggy or Zomato, saying he would get a good deal.

    “Used to do the same for a few restaurants in Mumbai. In fact, there was a small egg-themed restaurant in Lower parel which we were very loyal to. He used to tell us Sir Swiggy ya Zomato see order karo, acchi deal Milegi,” he said.

    Mall’s tweet has been going viral on Twitter. He has been hailed as genius by Twitter users because this is actually intelligent way of saving money, especially if you are sitting inside an expensive cafe. Starbucks is yet to react to the matter.

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