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    Naseeruddin Shah in a recent interview had claimed that the Sindhi language isn’t spoken in Pakistan anymore. However, on Thursday, the veteran actor apologised for his ‘error’ after being called out by Sindhi speakers, including many celebs, in Pakistan. The veteran actor’s apology was lauded by Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui. Also read: Pakistani actor Mansha Pasha reacts to Naseeruddin Shah’s ‘Sindhi no longer spoken in Pakistan’ comment

    Adnan Siddiqui’s reaction

    After Naseeruddin Shah apologised for saying Sindhi is no longer spoken in Pakistan statement, Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui lauded him.

    In an official statement released on his Facebook page, Naseeruddin Shah spoke about how his remarks on the Sindhi and Marathi languages led to ‘two completely unnecessary controversies’.

    Adnan, who has often slammed Bollywood films for ‘misrepresentation’ of Pakistanis, has reacted to Naseeruddin Shah’s Facebook post. Adnan, who had called Sidharth Malhotra-starrer Mission Majnu ‘distasteful’ and ‘factually incorrect’, was all praises for Naseeruddin.

    He took to Twitter on Thursday and along with a screenshot of Naseeruddin Shah’s apology note wrote, “Apologising for a mistake is indeed a true testament to a person’s character and intellect. Naseer sahab’s recent gesture has only deepened my admiration for him. It takes strength and humility to acknowledge one’s errors and take responsibility for them.”

    What Naseeruddin Shah said in his post

    Naseeruddin Shah responded to the recent controversies surrounding his remarks on the Sindhi and Marathi languages. In his latest post, he acknowledged his misstatements and clarified his intentions. He wrote, “Two completely unnecessary controversies seem to have erupted. over things I’ve said recently. One regarding my mis-statement about the Sindhi language in Pakistan. I was in error there.”

    He also clarified his remarks about the relationship between Marathi and Farsi languages, further writing in his post, “The second over what I’m supposed to have said about the relationship between Marathi and Farsi. My exact words were “many Marathi words are of Farsi origin.” My intention was not to run down the Marathi language but to talk of how diversity enriches all cultures Urdu itself is a mix of Hindi Farsi Turkish and Arabic. English has borrowed words from all European languages not to mention Hindustani and I suppose that is true of every language spoken on earth.

    Naseeruddin Shah issued an apology for his recent comments on Sindhi and Marathi languages.

    Naseeruddin Shah’s remark about Sindhi language

    During recent promotions of his web series Taj: Divided By Blood season 2, Naseeruddin talked about various languages that are spoken in Pakistan. The actor claimed Sindhi is no longer spoken in Pakistan.

    He had said during an interview with Tried and Refused Productions’ YouTube channel, “They have Balochi, they have Bari, they have Siraiki and they have Pushto. Sindhi is, of course, no longer spoken in Pakistan.”

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