How to play GTA Online Drop Zone for 2x bonuses this event week (June 9 to June 13)

    GTA Online’s new weekly update has been released, allowing players to grab as much money as they can before the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC arrives next week. Apart from triple bonuses on Transform Races, one can earn double cash and RP in the game by playing the Drop Zone Adversary Mode from now until June 13, 2023.

    However, players could easily be overwhelmed with so many activities available in 2023 and might not find the game mode at all. To help, this article shares everything fans need to know about GTA Online Drop Zone ahead of the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC.

    A step-by-step guide to starting GTA Online Drop Zone Adversary Mode (June 9 to June 13)

    There are a lot of different Adversary Modes available for players, but Drop Zone is amongst the best of them. The new GTA Online weekly update made it even more enticing by offering double the money for playing the game mode throughout the week.

    The objective of the Drop Zone is simple: jump off the Cargobob and capture the target area. The team with the most time on the location or fully capturing it first wins the game.

    Here’s how to quickly start Drop Zone for GTA Online double bonuses this week:

    1. Open the Pause Menu, and go to the Online tab
    2. Select Jobs, and choose Play Jobs
    3. Go to Rockstar Created, and select Adversary Modes
    4. Scroll down to find different Drop Zone games listed on it

    There are a total of five Drop Zone Adversary Modes available in 2023, each offering a different target area to capture.

    Here’s the complete list of Drop Zone locations that players can select in GTA Online this week:

    • Drop Zone I – FIB Headquarters, Pillbox Hill
    • Drop Zone II – University of San Andreas, Richman
    • Drop Zone III – Los Santos Naval Port, Elysian Island
    • Drop Zone IV – Nikola Avenue, Mirror Park
    • Drop Zone V – Sisyphus Theater, Vinewood Hills

    What else should players know about Drop Zone Adversary Mode?

    A total of 16 different GTA Online players can participate in one Drop Zone match, equally divided into four teams of different colors:

    Once players jump out of the Cargobob, they will see a yellow circle on the mini-map denoting the target area. If more players of the same team stand in the location, the capture bar fills faster than usual. However, if no team captures the area before the time limit, the Sudden Death rule will be applied. This means the last surviving team will win the match.

    Here’s a list of weapons that players will be equipped with by default:

    • Assault Rifle
    • Micro SMG
    • Body Armor
    • One Grenade

    Moreover, players have the freedom to find many more items throughout the match.

    Play GTA Online and get the free Santo Capra Coins livery for the Mammoth Avenger in preparation for GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries.

    Plus get 2X GTA and RP on Flight School, Operation Paper Trail, and Drop Zone this week:

    If Grand Theft Auto fans are looking for something fun to play this week, they must try Drop Zone to be prepared for the upcoming San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update.

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