GTA Online Acid Lab will get a huge feature in San Andreas Mercenaries update

    The San Andreas Mercenaries update is expected to make several changes to the GTA Online gameplay. Rockstar Games has revealed it will also introduce a new feature for the Acid Lab after June 13, 2023. The popular business was added to the multiplayer game as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC in December 2022.

    The feature will not only be visually appealing but also provide extra bonuses to players. Rockstar Games did not disclose much about the feature, but a data miner had previously demonstrated its functions.

    GTA Online players will be able to customize their Acid Lab products and earn more money after the San Andreas Mercenaries update

    A screenshot of the official Newswire describing the Acid Lab feature. (Image via Rockstar Games)

    In an official Newswire published on June 8, 2023, Rockstar Games revealed that players would be able to rename their Acid Lab products after the GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries update. Currently, the produced goods are known as Acid by default. After the update, the owner of the business will be able to rename their Acid products.

    According to the official Newswire titled “Experience Improvements Coming to GTA Online,” the Interaction Menu for the Acid Lab business will have the option to select a name for the Acid products. All players will be able to set custom names of their choice.

    As per Rockstar Games, doing so will grant players a 5% bonus on Acid Lab Sell Missions. The current price of a full batch of Acid products is around $325,000, and players will be able to earn around $340,000 after renaming it.

    A fun piece of #GTAOnline #cutcontent from the latest DLC: R* planned for you to be able to name your Acid Product, not just the Lab. First time naming is free, then it’s $5000 to rename.
    The feature is fully* supported and functional, so here’s hoping it’ll be available next DLC

    While the gaming studio has now confirmed the details, WildBrick142, a well-known data miner on Twitter, had previously demonstrated how to rename Acid products after accessing the unreleased game files.

    On April 24, 2023, the user had posted a Twitter video in which they renamed their Acid products as “VTuber Merch.” However, they had clarified that Rockstar might not accept all types of names for the business and could provide a list of preset names.

    Players are excited to try out this new feature after the GTA Online Summer 2023 update and earn extra money from it.

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