Coin Master daily free spins (June 9, 2023)

    Coin Master is one of the most popular mobile games and it has millions of players worldwide. Developer Moon Active released this adventure title on December 11, 2010. The single-player offering features simple gameplay, where players spin the slot machine and perform various in-game activities. To make things more exciting, Coin Master has a betting feature.

    Tapping on the Bet button above the spin bar activates it. The higher a player bets, the higher rewards they get. However, one must spend the number of spins equal to the bet amount. Each player can hold up to 50 spins at a time, earning five every hour passively. Here are all the links to redeem for free spins for June 9.

    Links for free spins in Coin Master (June 9, 2023)

    Coin Master uses a different method to provide freebies to its users. Unlike other mobile games that offer redeemable codes, it provides links on a daily basis. The developer posts them on its official Facebook page and Twitter account. Below are the links that are currently active: – Free 20 Spins – Free Spins – Free Spins – Free Spins and Coins

    They are redeemable only once per account and usually last one to two days. Therefore, players are advised to redeem these links as soon as possible. In addition to these, the post contains a video or photo puzzle; each provides rewards specified by the developers.

    It is important to note that they are redeemable only from mobile devices, not PC browsers. Clicking on them opens the Coin Master app. After the game opens, a dialog box appears with reward details. Tap on the Collect button to redeem the applicable rewards.

    Users can also find a simple video or photo puzzle on the post containing links. They can earn hundreds and thousands of free spins by solving them. However, the developer randomly chooses a few lucky winners from those who crack the answer.

    There are also other methods to earn free spins and coins. For instance, the game allows sending and receiving free spins to friends as a gift. Users can gift one spin to each friend every 48 hours and receive the same. One can collect up to 100 spins every day from this feature. However, the spin bar must be empty to collect them. Sending a gift does not deduct spin from the sender’s inventory.

    Players can also invite friends who have never played Coin Master and get free spins. The idle game also holds at least one event or tournament every day. One can earn free spins as a completion reward by completing the tasks. The icons on the right side below the Main Menu button show details of ongoing events.

    A new event, Royal Blast, is ongoing in the game. It requires collecting “Horn” symbols from the slot machine. Upon collecting all 275 horn symbols, players will get 600 spins. If players hit one horn symbol on the slot machine, they will obtain one horn symbol. Hitting two will grant two horn symbols, and hitting three will give 10 horn symbols.

    The free-to-play game also has a team feature allowing players to create a new one or join an existing one. They can request cards and spins, send emotes, and chat with members. One can also participate in Team Events and leagues to earn in-game items.

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