Kiljoy! No more ‘Hey Siri’! Apple set to make massive change

    The phrase ‘Hey Siri’ has become an iconic feature introduced by Apple in 2014 to activate Siri, the virtual assistant. Over the years, it has gained popularity due to its references in popular culture. However, recent reports suggest that Apple might announce the removal of support for this trigger phrase at WWDC 2023, as indicated by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Gurman tweeted today, “I’d look out for that possibility next week.”

    This potential change was first reported in November of the previous year when Gurman mentioned that Apple has been working on an initiative to eliminate the ‘Hey’ from the trigger phrase. Instead, users would only need to say ‘Siri’ along with a command to activate the virtual assistant. Bloomberg also stated that Apple has been working on implementing this alteration for several months. Notably, the company could introduce it in 2023, with a possible announcement at WWDC 2023.

    Should this modification come to fruition, Apple would align itself with Amazon’s Alexa, which requires users to say ‘Alexa’ rather than ‘Hey Alexa.’ This move aims to streamline the activation process and enhance user experience across Apple devices.

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    Needless to say, for all those fans who have got used to the phrase, it may take quite getting used to the new one. After all, Siri by itself does not sound so great. But when paired with Hey, it acquires an aura, an iconic aura, if you will.

    In addition to the potential change in Siri’s trigger phrase, Apple is anticipated to unveil several new Macs at WWDC 2023. These Macs are rumoured to be powered by the M2 Max processor and a yet-to-be-unveiled M2 Ultra chip. However, the most significant highlight of the event is expected to be Apple’s rumoured mixed-reality headset. It has been suggested that this launch could be as monumental for the company as the initial release of the iPhone and may even impact the legacy of Apple CEO Tim Cook. In fact, Cook’s last such venture, the Apple Watch, has been quite a runaway success.

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