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Witness the breathtaking regional variant of Incineroar in the Pokemon fan-art


In the vibrant world of Pokemon fan art and creative ingenuity, creativity knows no bounds.

Incineroar. (Image Credit: Pokemon Wiki)

Recently, a skilled artist has captured the imagination of the community with a captivating new regional variant form for Incineroar, the formidable feline Pokemon.

This fresh adaptation transforms the fiery feline into a mesmerizing Fire/Ice-type creature, breathing new life into the popular Pokemon franchise.

Hailing from the seventh generation of Pokemon games, Incineroar originally debuted as the final evolution of Litten, one of the beloved starter Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Departing from its feline origins, Incineroar stands tall on two legs, exuding a formidable aura befitting its Dark/Fire typing. The Pokemon’s striking appearance and powerful presence even secured it a place in Ash’s Pokemon team in the animated series.

The innovative mind behind this captivating regional variant is none other than the famous creative Redditor, Mathias_Greyjoy. Joined by the talented designer El-psy-congroo-01, they have meticulously crafted a Fire/Ice incarnation of Incineroar that has enthralled the Pokemon community.

Notably, this regional form harkens back to Incineroar’s feline roots, as it gracefully moves on all fours, resembling a majestic cat in motion. The Pokemon boasts mesmerizing blue icy accents adorning its fans and claws, seamlessly blending the elemental attributes of fire and ice. Despite the subtle changes, the size of this captivating variant remains comparable to the original Incineroar, standing slightly taller and weighing a mere 180 lbs.

In the comments section of the post, the Redditor shed some light on their motivation for creating this remarkable regional variant. They revealed their disdain for the original Incineroar, so much so that they embarked on a journey in Pokémon Moon without ever evolving their beloved Torracat.

This creative endeavor is part of their ongoing project, aptly titled Legends: Rayquaza, a fan game developed using Pokémon Essentials. Alongside the Fire/Ice Incineroar, Mathias and El-psy-congroo-10 have also devised other intriguing regional variants, including a captivating Water/Ghost-type Blastoise that ingeniously retains some design elements from Wartortle rather than reverting to Squirtle’s appearance, complete with formidable cannons.

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As fans of the Pokémon franchise consistently showcase their artistic prowess, another remarkable creation has captured the community’s attention—an alternative, futuristic version of Magneton. This awe-inspiring Pokémon seamlessly incorporates elements of security cameras, iron balls, and magnets, breathing new life into the classic design while maintaining its distinctive shape.

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