Delhi-NCR wakes up to sudden thunderstorm; IMD predicts more rain today | Latest News Delhi

    The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted thunderstorm and duststorm along with light to moderated rainfall in Delhi and the adjoining national capital region (NCR) during the next two hours. It said that the current developments in the weather condition came after a cluster of cloud patches is seen passing over the Delhi-NCR region.

    Delhi to get more rainfall along with thunderstorm.(HT)

    The latest notification came after Delhi received early-morning rainfall along with thunderstorm and dust storm, days after IMD declared a heat wave warning in the national capital.

    The weather body has also released an advisory on Twitter following the rainfall update. It suggested everyone in and around the city to follow traffic advisories, asked people to stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed. It further suggested to avoid travel if possible.

    The Delhi Airport has also released a circular informing all flyers to contact their respective airlines for updated flight information as bad weather has disrupted the operations.

    IMD also advised to take safe shelters and avoid standing under trees. Don’t lie on concrete floors and lean against concrete walls, it suggested. Unplugging all electrical devices has also been advised.

    The weather department earlier said the maximum and minimum temperatures in the national capital may hover around 37 and 22 degree celsius, respectively. The daytime temperature will remain between 35 and 38 degree celsius for the next seven days due to occasional showers.

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