Battlefield 2042 announces new map ‘Reclaimed’ for Season 5 New Dawn

    Battlefield 2042’s Season 5 is named New Dawn, and it’s coming with a ton of exciting content. This includes new gadgets, weapons, a limited-time event, several quality-of-life improvements, a rework of the map Hourglass, and a fresh map called Reclaimed that is located in a Czechian industrial facility. This last addition has two sides fighting over a secret train route.

    Reclaimed offers several unique points of interest, allowing different gameplay scenarios to take place.

    Battlefield 2042’s new map caters to a variety of different gameplay styles

    Battlefield 2042’s Reclaimed has several unique points of interest, allowing different gameplay scenarios to take place. One of its traits is the dynamic sight lines that it offers due to all the vegetation density that can be destroyed. This allows players to focus on close-quarters combat in the outdoors while also having their horizontal and vertical gunplay skills tested.

    The map houses a crash site where a derailed train resides, which provides enough cover to flank enemies while fighting head-on in the middle of the map. Other POIs include Abandoned Turbines, Landing Zone, Military Warehouses, Silos, Bunkers, and a massive building in the map’s center. These areas will see a lot of infantry combat.

    #Battlefield2042 Season 5: New Dawn 🦅
    June 7th

    🗺️ New Map: Reclaimed
    New Weapons: GEW-46, XCE Bar & BFP.50
    New Grenades: Spring, Anti-Tank & Mini
    Time-Limited Event
    🏅 New Battle Pass
    Vehicle Loadout Rework
    🪖 Squad Management
    Hourglass Rework (later in Season 5)

    Under the topic of new maps, Hourglass will be receiving a rework that will be released midway through the season. The updated inclusion will feature a new route under the central highway. Moreover, now the distance between all objectives will be reduced, as infantry combat slowed down drastically due to the gap between points.

    The new map will mix well with all the new weapons and equipment that will be added to the game next month. The upcoming guns and explosive gear includes Spring Grenade, Anti-tank Grenade, Mini Grenade, BFP.50, GWE-46, XCE Bar, and Phalanx CIWS.

    #Battlefield2042 Season 5: New Dawn 🦅
    New Grenades

    Spring Grenade: To clear out infantry.
    Anti-Tank Grenade: To stop vehicles.
    And “Mini Grenade”

    Lastly, the major update will also be released with important QoL improvements such as a new squad management system, reworked vehicle loadout, reworked vault weapons, class system update, and more.

    Battlefield 2042 Season 5: New Dawn is scheduled to release on June 7 on platforms, including the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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