Is it Online in India? [May 25th Update]

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    Earlier this week, Krafton announced that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is making a return following a 10-month absence from Indian app stores due to a government-ordered suspension. Krafton revealed that extensive efforts were undertaken in collaboration with the Government of India to ensure a smooth reentry into the gaming market. Following the announcement, players were still unable to access the BGMI. 

    BGMI Server Status on May 25

    As of May 25, the BGMI servers remain offline. The game is still yet to receive an update from Krafton after the servers were taken offline, briefly after the big announcement on May 19. However, the announcement could be right around the corner as Krafton has posted on its official social media handles.

    On May 22, excitement surged as BGMI became available for download on its official website for Play Store. However, Krafton issued a statement stating that the servers went online inadvertently. “Currently, the closed test track for BGMI is updated. Those who opted for a public test for the game before its launch are expected to get a message which takes them to play store for downloading the game. However, the link wont work and the game cannot be downloaded as the servers have been shut,” read its statement.

    For players who downloaded BGMI or had it previously installed, a series of pop-up messages greeted them upon attempting to launch the game. Krafton thanked the fans and informed them that the servers would be temporarily unavailable. The accounts and their progress will be retained. 

    BGMI Servers are currently unavailable since Krafton is updating them

    When players tried to close the pop-up and tried to log in, they were greeted with another message. the message stated that the servers were not online yet and asked the players to keep an eye on the official news for further updates.

    BGMI Servers are still offline

    As of May 25, the servers are still unreachable, and Krafton has not provided any official information regarding when users can resume playing BGMI.

    While the community eagerly anticipates the servers to come online, speculation runs regarding the exact date. Fan-driven rumors suggest that BGMI servers may return online between May 27 and 29. However, no official confirmation has been provided, leaving players eagerly awaiting further information.

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