Google’s New AI Tool Can Help Merchants Create Product Images For Free

    GOOGLE, which has been working on the integration of artificial intelligence to its wide range of products, including workspace and more, has now introduced a Product Studio using which the merchants can create a product image with the help of generative AI.

    The company revealed in a blog post that merchants utilising the studio would be able to generate an image using the Merchant Centre Next, a streamlined business platform that includes managing the products that come up on the search.

    “Our new Product Studio, designed with Google’s AI Principles in mind, brings the benefits of generative AI to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to easily create unique and tailored product imagery for free while also getting more value from the images they already have,” Google said in a blog post.

    How Will Google Product Studio Help Merchants

    The company added that Product Studio enables retailers to develop free product pictures and maximise the use of their existing photographs. Users don’t have to pay for new photo shoots to produce new material. Businesses may also easily eliminate a complicated background with Photo Studio. In addition, the application can be used to enhance the quality of small or low-resolution photographs without having to reshoot a product.

    When Will Product Studio Be Available

    In the coming months, merchants in the US will be able to use Product Studio through Merchant Centre Next. According to the firm, retailers using Google YouTube apps on Shopify will also have access to these services.

    By integrating all insights reports into the Performance tab, Google is also facilitating merchants’ access to and understanding of their performance. Now, retailers can see all of their top-selling products in one place, as well as what businesses show next to them and even how customers engage with their neighbourhood stores on Search and Maps.

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